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10 things to do in London this half term

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Half term is almost here, but what can we do with the children?  With coronavirus cases on the decline and lockdown restrictions in London being eased, everyone is desperate to get out and about again.  Time to leave the homely confines for some fun-filled activities. London has an aura that is synonymous with entertainment and exploration. It’s time to have some fun during the half-term holidays!

Explore the 9 ¾ platform

warner brothers tour

A no-brainer for Harry Potter fans – amicably referred to as Potterheads – the 9 ¾ platform resides within the Kings Cross station. As it marked the starting point of the Harry Potter movie, you too can make it the starting point for your day ahead. The Warner Brothers studio tour is the holy grail! Unleash the geek in your child.

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Hit the arty streets

camden street art

While the restrictions are still in place, a great way to rejuvenate would be to stroll around the streets of London. Hit the art-filled streets of London and let the fun begin; by this, we mean rich art and graffiti. Colourful artworks and sketches are almost always captivating to young children. What better way to explore diversity than colours splashed by local Londoners?

So entrancing are the artworks that the London city has a designated Graffiti tour. This 2-hour trip will take you and your family to the highlight spots. There is a lot to take in! So if you like artwork or walking, or both, then get on with this. While on this tour, do not miss out on the “Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel”. It is London’s most prolific and profound legal graffiti wall. The tunnel is buzzing with activity and colours, and you can catch an artist or two at work during the walk.

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Spray the paint with the Graffiti workshop

spray paint graffitti

It is highly likely for young kids to fall in love with street art. And, if your little one gets cranky, then the Graffiti workshop at the Shoreditch area awaits your arrival. The workshop teaches you how to create your graffiti artworks.

Bring your imagination into reality by enrolling at a graffiti workshop today


The Treasure Hunt

cluego treasure hunt

If your kids like games or socialising and meeting new people, the Treasure Hunt is an excellent option. All you need to have is a fully charged phone. Follow the clues to solve mysteries, conquer challenges and puzzles set by the characters on the way. You will also get to interact and meet new people. Live through a story and get the feel of a character.

Unravel clues and challenges and grab the treasure by booking a spot at –



foot golf in ealing

For fit kids and physically active folks, sports centres are an excellent place to spend the day. Engage in fusion sports such as footgolf; it combines football and golf. Play a round of golf by kicking your football. You also get the opportunity to get competitive and win prizes at the end of your session. It’s a great way to get rid of the lockdown blues. Kids stand to have a memorable time which can be talked about for days.

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Tag Archery

tag archery

Aim. Pull. Release.

We bring you the game of tag archery. All you need is a mastery of the three steps to unleash the Robin Hood within you. It is an excellent way to get your kid’s fitness regime done as you would be running, ducking and diving through an inflatable cover. A full-body workout of sorts, this is great for young children looking to get their share of play sessions. It is not only a test of precision but also flexibility – a holistic experience and worth your time.

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Ride through the frights of the London dungeon

london dungeon

With kids hooked on to television shows and movies, the London dungeon is an excellent option for entertainment and a great getaway for kids. The tour lasts for 90 minutes and houses up to 19 television shows accompanied by 20 live characters. What’s more, is that kids get to experience the plethora of characters through two thrilling rides. If you are seeking some adventure amid the lockdown, then this is perfect for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to rub shoulders (the sculptures, of course) with the infamous Jack the Ripper and Guy Fawkes characters, among others.

Ride through the dark and mysterious past of London city at the London dungeon. You can get the thrill and excitement by booking your place at –


Exploring London from Ground Zero

london transport museum

A local is someone who can map out an entire route in his or her mind.  It is your city, and as a true Londoner, you should make it a point to know what makes the London city vibrant, including the unvisited corners. Learn what is known to the few and go where the few have been.  Explore London through underground tours. In light of the ongoing pandemic, they are online. A zoom guide will take you through the underground spots by giving a virtual iteration. What follows the tour is a question-and-answer session.

Explore London from Ground Zero and learn every nook-and-corner by booking a spot at –


Upgrade your in-house toy collection


Are you bored with that superhero figurine or cartoon character? No problem! Hamleys, one of London’s oldest toy stores, has a seven-storeyed setup that comprises all the games, toys, puzzles and crafts.

If you are a Potterhead, you can get your hands on Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley figurines. For the Star Wars enthusiasts, Hamleys has a dedicated section that houses Han Solo, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, among others. Moreover, Hamleys has a designated area for specialist collectors too. For the young ladies and aspiring fashionistas, there is a whole section for Barbie dolls.

Do not miss out on the special care and experience. Book a spot and walk out with toys and a complimentary gift bag. You can book a place at –


Exploring underwater life

london aquarium

If marine life mesmerises you, then the London Aquarium is the perfect spot for you. Get close with the fishes, piranhas and sharks. More so, you can even watch them swim below your legs. Amazing, no? From the vibrant and varied colourful fishes to the adorable dolphins and manta rays, the Aquarium has it all.

The voluminous 2-million litres of water offers an ecstatic experience through the 14 theme-based zones of marine animals. You cannot get closer than this to sea life unless you put on a scuba suit! It is an excellent place for families, especially children. A perfect balance of learning and entertainment, the London Aquarium needs to be on your itinerary.

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