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6 Event Management & Planning Software Solutions

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Event management is not what it used to be – manual lists, telephone calls and constant follow-ups to keep everything in check. Depending upon your event’s requirements, there are a plethora of tools available that streamline your tasks and handle everything – right from vendors and attendees to event spaces and floor plans.

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Thanks to technology, you can now take a minute (or many more) out of your busy schedules to get sleep, tackle emergencies or just get some “me” time. Irrelevant to the size of your event, there is an event management software solution out there for you.

With endless options, choosing the right tool that fits your requirements and budget can be confusing. So first, let’s look into the process of selecting the best software.

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

The only question that matters is – What do you need? There are multiple pros and cons to every application. Some might be fluent in providing logistical assistance, while others build audience participation and engagement.

Nevertheless, here are a few features you must look for in the tool that you finally go for.

  1. Elimination of a piecemeal approach, giving you centralized control for the whole event.
  2. Availability of key stakeholders for seamless communication. This includes your audience, vendors and peers.
  3. Continuous tracking facility to measure the changing parameters of success.
  4. Support for your event – whether it be hybrid, in-person or virtual.
  5. Mobile-friendly interface for on-the-go use.


event planning software

Now that you know what to search for, here is a list of the top event management and planning software solutions that will add to your productivity and efficiency.

The 6 Best Event Management Apps

  • Eventbrite (free software for free events)
  • Eventzilla (one-stop solution for registrations and sales)
  • RSVPify (best registration features)
  • Splash (comprehensive marketing and analytics)
  • Trello (drag-and-drop task management)
  • Boomset (feature-rich entry automation)




One of the prime names in the business, Eventbrite is a boon to the management industry, although the application really shines when it comes to social integrations and online ticketing.

Eventbrite gives you the power to create customized event pages, irrelevant of size. These sites then act as a medium for sales, registrations, analytics, payments and support. With its mobile app, you can take a step further and track your growth in real-time. The planner allows you to send email confirmations and reminders to your attendees while also publishing and promoting the gig on your Facebook page.

The app is free for free tickets. Nevertheless, it does get a bit pricey on the paid ones starting at 3.5% plus £0.49 for each ticket with the Essentials plan.


Think end-to-end managed registration process, comprehensive attendee lists, embedded widgets and conversion-ready landing pages. That’s more or less the summary of Eventzilla. The app has been optimized for both desktop and mobile use with a no-nonsense dashboard to begin the branding and sales right away.

The personalized widgets come into play with a line of code that can be used on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress to redirect your prospects to the event page. Predominantly inclined to create a seamless registration and post-sales experience, Eventzilla ensures complete personalization in the ticket pricing, merchandise add-on, and donation requests. The software further supports email marketing, all the major payment gateways and a discounting feature.

Much like Eventbrite, the tool is free for free events. The paid structure begins at £0.90 per ticket for 3 paid ticket types, refunds, and embeddable widgets.


RSVPify is a ready-to-go software for both in-person and virtual events. Ticketing, guest management and embedded forms are available to keep you a step ahead in the registration procedures. The customizable seating arrangement with drag-and-drop features and dietary changes is a welcome addition as well.

While the app hosts all the tools you might expect from a standard event management software, it brings on premium options like secondary events, check-in systems and digital invites to the table too. The biggest pro of RSVPify is the customizability of the data collection forms, lending you deep insights into the audience you shall be catering to. There are a variety of templates at your disposal that can be further moulded for a conversion-friendly invite.

The costing for RSVPify begins at £17 for the premium plan and 1.95% plus £0.67 per ticket for ticketed events.


Again a complete marketing solution for your event management needs, Splash works equally well with virtual and in-person events. There are an array of templates and design features available to create a personalized registration page and some event collaterals. The app has automated processes for invites, updates, reminders and follow-ups, keeping you on top of your tasks, a unified dashboard keeps track of all the key metrics and delivers the analytics in a timely manner.

Audience segmentation is another area where the app stands out, giving you enough ammunition for multi-channel marketing, social media capture and engagement strategies. Third-party integrations allow data import, project management and communication through the app.

A cloud-based free plan is available for registration, templates and promotion. The real deal starts at approx £6800 per year, lending team coordination via a basic plan.


Trello brings the simplicity of a manual to-do list to the digital world. Taking a task management approach, Trello is all about creating a collaborative environment that allows project coordination through a clean design and easy usability.

The most significant advantage of Trello is its ability to give you a board and card system that brings effective segregation of tasks. The drag-and-drop features allow you to move the tasks between the said boards, giving you a basic understanding of where each process is at. The app further sports a template for event planning that can be utilized for saving time.

Trello offers a free plan for individual use and per-user pricing for the pro features and tools.


Boomset is an absolute delight for live and virtual event planning. As a direct consequence of two friends getting bored with waiting in a line to enter events, the software moved into the market in 2011. Hosting a whole suite of tools, you can count on Boomset for online registrations, check-ins, ticket management, event marketing, badge printing and lead generation.

Boomset’s call to fame is its automated check-in experience. All the registrations through ticketing platforms are pulled into the Boomset database for raw analysis, access point control, and session management. A neatly designed dashboard adds to its appeal, helping you view real-time seat availability and create attendance certificates. The software also includes a set of functions for the walk-in guests.

The software offers 3 premium plans, namely Intro, Pro and Expert, that start at approx £250 a year. The pricing rises with additional attendees, reporting features and customized support.



While each of the platforms on offer has its unique set of benefits, the choice finally boils down to the tools you need to successfully and seamlessly manage your event.  Consider every aspect of each one and choose an app that beats the DIY approach on every front.


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