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With climate change at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is time to make changes in our every day lives which can impact positively on global warming.  We need to ask questions – how are the products sourced that we buy?  Where does our food come from? (Food production is a major driver of wildlife extinction. What we eat contributes around a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for almost 60% of global biodiversity loss) How can we reduce waste?  The list of questions is endless and sometimes they can seem insurmountable.

Both as individuals and as companies, we can make changes for the better and do our bit towards saving the planet. If you are an event organiser, there are many ways that you can help.  Sustainability has become a significant factor in event professionals’ checklists. However, they sometimes struggle to balance cost-efficiency and sustainability. It is also said to be expensive, time-consuming and extra paperwork.  Choose a venue that uses green energy and sources local products therefore cutting down on transport.  Using recycled materials for your collaterals contributes to a zero waste to landfill objective. Less waste gets the closed loop recycling going. It also helps saving trees and protecting animals’ habitats.

Here are some sustainable venues which you may consider using for your next corporate event, conference or meeting:

British Airways i360

british airways i360

The site only uses green energy and incredibly the pods descent will power 50% of the energy required for the pods ascent. The pod itself has thermal insulation, and double glazing to minimise energy usage and electricity is the only energy source used, and this comes entirely from renewable energy sources. The restaurant only serves locally sourced food and a composter has been installed that turns waste into the water!

Coin Street Neighbourhood

coin street

The sustainable features of the Coin Street Conference Centre form an integral part of the venue’s operations, with the building designed for both cultural and physical accessibility. Highlights of the Coin Street Conference Centre’s environmental credentials include: solar chimney’s that ventilate the building naturally and automatically; rainwater that is used to flush WCs; energy efficient lighting that turns off automatically when an area is not be used;  and the use of sustainable caterers that use locally sourced produce.

The Lookout

The Lookout - eco friendly venue

It also displays a number of other design features to aid sustainability including:

  • A brown roof to encourage diversity and thermoregulation
  • Wall cavities filled with recycled newspaper
  • Maximisation of natural ventilation and light
  • Appliances which are low-carbon and water-saving
  • Bat boxes to encourage biodiversity and rare species habitat creation


The Wesley

sustainable meeting and conference venue

As the first ethical hotel in the UK and the only London hotel to earn the Social Enterprise Mark Award, The Wesley maintains a steadfast commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility.
At The Wesley, “green” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. Our innovative eco-friendly programs and initiatives are designed to protect our surroundings and minimise our carbon footprint



OXO2 is run with sustainability in mind. In order to ensure as little energy as possible is not wasted, the venue is never heated or cooled in-between events. The OXO2 in-house caterers strive to be ISO 20121 (formally BS 8901) compliant, a specification for a sustainability management system for events, based on a desire and determination to address the inherently wasteful aspects of their business and to influence venues, clients and suppliers to work with them on this strategy. With a focus on British food and drink suppliers and sustainable, OXO2 is supportive of smaller-scale British enterprises.

Of course there are many more sustainable venues both in London and right across the UK.  Contact us now if you are interested in learning more about how to find a sustainable venue for your next event.

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