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Event Terms beginning with ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’

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Today we will simplify event industry terms beginning with D, E and F.  There are not so many of these, but they can still be a bit of a puzzle to organisers starting out.


Dance Floor – the designated area of floor for dancing which is traditionally wood, but you can also have a disco LED dancefloor or a mirror, or starlit.  The choice is endless!

DB&B – dinner, bed and breakfast

Day Delegate Rate (DDR) – this is a day package offered  by venues. Inclusions vary across venues, but DDRs typically include:
• Use of meeting room and conference facilities, such as flip charts, pens, pads, projector and screen
• Two servings of tea and coffee, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
• Lunch

Delegate – the person attending the meeting or event.

Decibel – degree of loudness or the unit of measurement for sound. Many venues will have a limit on sound particularly after 10pm

DMC (Destination Management Company) – a business that handles entertainment for a group of individuals (often conference or meeting attendees) from overseas

Deposit – once the venue is chosen and agreed, they will request a deposit in order to confirm the booking

Double booking – sometimes a mistake is made and a venue will have taken another booking on the same date.

EDT – estimated departure time or end time

ETA – estimated time of arrival

Event Order – this is the same as a Banquet Event Order or Function Sheet, a detailed document that provides to a venue instructions and a timeline for how the  event will be run

Exclusive Caterer – the featured and only caterer allowed to provide catering at a facility

exhibition stand

Exhibit Booth or Stand a stand or booth at an exhibition available for a supplier to hire

Exhibit Hall – the area at an exhibition where goods are displayed and visitors walk around

Exhibitor Kit – a comprehensive package of information that includes the rules and forms relating to a specific exhibition, provided to exhibitors by show management

Fairtrade – a way of trading that ensures small farmers in developing countries receive fair market price for their products enabling them to improve and maintain a decent standard of living

Feedback – a resume or report that normally highlights both positive and negative elements with ways to improve, or distortion of sound often occurring when a microphone frequency interferes with the frequency of a speaker

finger buffet

Finger buffet – catering designed to be eaten using fingers and usually passed around by waiters

Floor Plan – the lay out of the room to include table and seating arrangements along with entertainment or stage area

Food & Beverage or F&B – covers all catering provided by a venue during an event i.e. refreshment breaks, lunch, drinks reception

Forum – online or offline meeting place where ideas and views on a specific issue are discussed

Fork Buffet – a buffet style eating arrangement where all food provided can be eaten with a fork.  Food is set out on a large table and people help themselves

Front Projection – projector that projects an image onto a screen that is in front of it.  This takes up less space than back projection but you can get shadows if people move during the presentation

Full English Breakfast – a traditional British breakfast consisting of tea, coffee, juices, toast and eggs which can be fried, scrambled or poached, bacon, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and often also includes black pudding

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