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How to plan a perfect breakfast meeting

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Having become much more prevalent in recent years, breakfast meetings can prove a very efficient way of conducting business, and often at less expense than lunch or dinner functions.


A persuasive argument for breakfast meetings is that it a very productive time of day for many individuals. Studies consistently show that early morning is a key time in an individual’s productivity so this type of event can harness that potential and hopefully lead to short and snappy functions with all objectives achieved.  By timetabling meetings early in the day there is the added advantage that most desired attendees will be more likely and willing to attend as these functions can take less time from a busy schedule than more drawn out lunch engagements.

Affordability is also a leading justification for breakfast meetings. They can work out much cheaper than lunch meetings or more traditional conferences/meetings when catering is taken into account. Many venues will offer a per head rate which includes catering rather than a longer hire, where the catering is an addition to the room hire.


To help you plan your perfect breakfast meeting we have devised a few key prompts.


At Function Fixers we know that venue is everything and can set the tone for your event.  As breakfast meetings obviously happen early in the working day a central location is key.  Less travel will mean more people can attend and with less travel time to eat into your meeting can again add to the efficiency of the event.  Ensure you send out clear directions, as the earlier the event the less people there may be to ask directions!  Close to a mainline station (or tube if you’re in London) or a venue easily recognised by local taxi firms will always be a winner.  If the meeting is in an unusual venue or one that people are keen to visit this may also mean that the numbers are kept high, especially if the meeting is for external clients/suppliers.


Many venues now offer a variety of breakfast foods as part of their catering package.  Bacon sandwiches will always be popular with huge swathes of the population but try and include a range of healthier, ‘brain food’ type offerings.  Although potentially messier and time consuming a buffet with a mix of traditional and healthier items will certainly be popular.  Caffeine and plenty of fruit juice is definitely necessary.   healthybrekkie


At this time of day try to keep your purpose clear, easily identifiable and achievable. Breakfast meetings can be a productive start to the day but to capitalise on their potential make them short and sweet.   Have the catering ready on arrival so you can plough on with business as soon as possible.

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