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London’s best Christmas Lights 2014

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Covent Garden

Our famous Covent Garden boasts some of the most expensive and extravagant Christmas lights in the city.   These cobbled streets have had a makeover this year, and now the market stalls and quirky shops are bathed in multi-coloured fairy lights and oversized baubles.  The enormous Christmas tree in the middle of the square is twinkling with tiny red and white LEDs, while a detailed and larger-than –life-sized reindeer stands silvery grey on a huge pile of (fake) presents.  Take the kids to see this stunning statue on a Saturday afternoon between noon and 4pm, and you’ll be able to meet, pet, feed and take photographs with a real life reindeer!  We noticed that said reindeer kept glancing up at the statue in bewilderment and confusion – we figure he thought it was some kind of God…most funny to watch, and the staff handling these animals are not only great with kids, but are also clearly very, very fond of their reindeer.  It’s a charming country-side style activity in the middle of a bustling city – and the animals seemed happy as ever.  Well done, Covent Garden!

 image (2)

Bond Street

Bond Street is glamourous at any time of year, but Christmas brings this celebrity-studded area to new heights of attraction and beauty.  Bond Street has new lights for 2014, and in our opinion, they’re much prettier than the previous decorations – which to us, seemed a little too contemporary and minimalistic.  In a total change of heart, the street now has a stunning display of gigantic sparkling peacock feathers above the shop windows and pavements.  Offering a neon blue hue that’s so typical of Christmas nowadays, it’s the perfect spot for some inspired and enthused shopping!

image (1)

Regent Street

Regent Street always makes a big deal out of its Christmas Lights (why wouldn’t it, with such fantastic shopping opportunities it would be silly not to go all out), and this year, the street was completely closed off for the most elaborate ‘turning on of the lights’ the city has ever seen.  After all the hype, however, we were slightly disappointed to discover that is would be Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston turning on the lights – what is it, 1995?! And then to have Take That performing…it was all a bit too nostalgic.  The rest of the show was fantastic though, as was the activities and market.  Now, the street stands bathed in a beautiful silvery light from the reindeer-inspired overhead decorations.  Intricate antler-shaped wires have made a welcome and very attractive addition to this already beautiful street.

 image (3)

Oxford Street

For 55 years, Oxford Street has been famous for its exquisite festive displays of lights and colour.   The same 1778 lights from 2013 are feautured this year, and they’re so attractive that we’re completely ok with this unusual repetition.  However, we would like to see something different next year!  The white orbs are minimalistic and modern, which is fine…but there isn’t much variation or colour involved, which is something that Oxford Street usually does really very well.  Having said that, these glowing orbs do create a kind of canopy of sparkle that encloses the street and gives it a sheltered, more intimate feeling – and they’ve been spaced perfectly apart to keep the perfectionists among us happy.  While they may seem a little bare in photographs, once you see the street in person we’re certain you’ll be charmed by this comparatively simple, straightforward yet highly effective set of Christmas lights, that were turned on by Cheryl Fernandez Versini (that’s Cheryl Cole to you and me – wasn’t it funny listening to Peter Dickson say that for the first time on the X Factor?! “Cheryl ferbavhucsauabjdbjsa…..SINI!”) and have been in residence since the 6th November – the earliest switch-on in London!


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