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Save a Small Fortune for Your Child’s Party

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Throwing a birthday party for your child is a wonderful experience.  These early experiences are so important, and you want to enjoy their innocence and youth for as long as possible.  They cannot be expected to have any comprehension of money, organisation or practicalities – but these things are surely at the front of your mind when planning the party.  Once you’ve found your venue, there are some simple coers you can cut that won’t affect the fun and feel of the day, but could save you a fortune.

Make your own cake.  Not only is this a great chance to spend some time with your son or daughter and really get them involved and creative, but also the pride they will feel at presenting their creation to their guests will be all the more enhanced.  Large supermarkets sell cake decorations for small prices, but if your budget is a little larger, have a look at party shops for more flamboyant pieces.  The simple addition of food colouring makes a huge difference, and Rainbow Cakes are deceptively simple and cheap to make, even though they cost a small fortune to buy in the shops.

You can download templates for invitations free of charge online.  There are hundreds of companies giving away quite impressive freebies – it’s just a question of finding one that takes your fancy! By far the easiest way to do this is to type ‘free children’s party invitation download’ into Google Image, and scroll through the pictures until you see one you like. Simply click on the picture and it’ll take you to the website.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask friends (preferably those with lots of children) if you could borrow some larger toys for the kids to play with.  While you could hire a bouncey castle or magician at some cost, remember that as long as they’re in good spirits, the children will be happy to play with anything as long as there’s enough to go round.  If you know a few people will kids’ pedal cars, why not build a racetrack and have a touament?

Only provide chairs for the adults. Hiring a long table and small plastic chairs is idyllic but very expensive, and even though it does look great, throwing picnic blankets on the floor will suffice quite well and are also a lot easier to clean afterwards. 

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