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Three brilliant and inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes

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Halloween will be different this year, but you can still dress up!  Here are three of our ideas for you.


This is by far one of the easiest yet most effective costumes around.  A hefty layer of talcum powder instantly creates a white, crusty face (careful if you’ve going somewhere with UV lights, though – glow in the dark zombies are just that bit too terrifying), and some dark eye make up such as standard eyeshadow gives the eyes a haunted, gaunt look.   Then, it’s simply a case of wearing your scruffiest clothing and draping yourself in cheap bandages – you can buy rolls of them for as little as 50p in major supermarkets! With some splashes of red food dye and a well-rehearsed awkward posture, you’re back from the dead and ready to party.



This is a brilliantly simple idea that’s both original and easy to craft.  All you need is some wire, which you can buy for less than £3 from arts and crafts shops, and a few sheets of A4 paper.  Roll the paper into individual tubes to make your snakes, then, paint them in whatever colour and pattern you see fit, while also fastening a bulky portion of paper on the ends of them (with sellotape) to make their heads.  You can mould them into different shapes, and they will stay stiff due to the wire inside them.  By applying some green hair spray, scary make up and fixing the snakes in your backcombed hair with bobby pins, you’re instantly transformed into a chilling spectacle of Medusa herself – and for your clothing, just a black poncho with more paper snakes attached to it, and some green trousers, will make a basic but powerful costume. Don’t forget your accessories…



Obviously, you can’t go trick or treating dressed as a box.  That would be silly and weird.  You can, however, go out IN a box – thus opening the door to thousands of costume opportunities that can, if done properly, look absolutely fantastic.  Practically speaking, it can be a bit of a pain – you’ll find yourself having to be quite careful about how you manoeuvre yourself around, but you’ll also find that you get used to it incredibly quickly.  We’ve seen people transform themselves into Rubix Cubes, Spongebob Squarepants, DVD boxsets, Wall-E and even Lego – all it takes is an artistic hand and some creative brainstorming.  You’ll need paints or general decorating materials, and then it’s simply a case of cutting arm and leg holes in the box.  Be warned – remember that you’ll have to climb inside the box in order to put it on – so you’ll need to leave the top of it open with two ready made semi-circular holes that will come together to encircle your neck.  Whatever you do, do NOT completely paint, decorate and prepare the top of your box before you’ve climbed into it – other wise you’ll have to slice the top of it open again!


In normal circumstances, Function Fixers would be able to source function rooms and reserve spaces in bars and nightclubs for Halloween parties – but sadly not this year.  Contact us today to tell us if you need any more dressing up idea, and we’ll be happy to help!

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