10 Creative Venues for Events in London


When you are planning a creative event, you will need to find the perfect creative venue to host it in! Creative venues for events come in various forms, each tailored to different artistic and cultural expressions.  Whatever you are planning, you can be sure that London has the perfect venue for you.

Creative events include the following:

  • Art exhibitions showcase visual art in galleries or unconventional spaces, highlighting works from emerging or established artists.
  • Performances, such as theatre productions, dance recitals, and live music, bring dynamic energy to venues ranging from intimate studios to grand auditoriums.
  • Workshops and classes offer hands-on experiences in arts and crafts, writing, and digital media, fostering skill development and creativity.
  • Festivals celebrate a theme or genre, often combining multiple art forms like music, film, and food, creating a vibrant, immersive atmosphere.
  • Networking events and conferences for creative professionals provide opportunities for collaboration, learning, and inspiration within the industry.

Here are 10 amazing creative venues for events in London:

The Barbican Centre

Renowned for its diverse range of artistic performances and exhibitions, the Barbican offers various unique spaces, including theaters, galleries, and a conservatory, ideal for creative events.

Tate Modern

Located in a former power station, Tate Modern is not only a world-famous art museum but also a versatile venue with spaces available for private events, including the iconic Turbine Hall.

The Roundhouse

This historic venue in Camden is known for its circular architecture and is perfect for concerts, theatre productions, and immersive performances, providing a distinctive atmosphere.

Shoreditch Town Hall

shoreditch town hall for creative events

An East London landmark, Shoreditch Town Hall offers a variety of spaces from grand halls to intimate rooms, suitable for performances, exhibitions, and workshops.

The Old Truman Brewery

Situated in the vibrant Brick Lane area, this former brewery has been transformed into a hub for creative industries, offering flexible event spaces for art shows, fashion events, and markets.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A Museum, dedicated to art and design, provides stunning settings for events, including the elegant Raphael Gallery and the contemporary Sackler Centre for arts education.

Somerset House

A neoclassical building on the Strand, Somerset House is known for its cultural programs and offers beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for exhibitions, performances, and festivals.

creative space at Somerset House

The Southbank Centre

As one of the largest arts centres in Europe, the Southbank Centre features multiple venues, including the Royal Festival Hall and the Hayward Gallery, perfect for a wide range of creative events.

Wilton’s Music Hall

This atmospheric 19th-century music hall in Whitechapel provides a unique setting for theatre productions, concerts, and cabaret shows, retaining much of its historic charm.

King’s Place

Located in King’s Cross, King’s Place is a modern cultural venue offering concert halls and gallery spaces ideal for music, art, and literary events, with a focus on innovation and creativity.


These venues not only provide unique and inspiring settings but can also cater to a wide array of creative events, making them the perfect choice for any event planner.

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