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How to Set Boundaries at Work

09th April 2021,
How often do you find yourself drowning in a heap of work? On some days, work can seem like an endless to-do list. Considering how each of us spends our majority of time at work, this can be both mentally and physically adverse in the long run.     In current times, when technology has taken over our lives and being constantly available is the new normal, finding that little…

The Future of Food at Events in a Post-Covid world

06th April 2021,
As we emerge out of the lockdown and into a new world for events, it seems to us that there are three kinds of people looking at venue bookings. The first is ‘super-confident’; they fully expect things to blow over, and that a return to normal is imminent. They bring with them a refreshing optimism, they are looking at scheduling events right now, and need our advice on where to…

5 reasons to host your business event at a rural venue

18th March 2021,
Location is key for any event but if you’re looking for some fresh air and headspace for your delegates, the big cities are not necessarily the right place. When it comes to organising a memorable event to generate fresh energy for your business, why not get away from it all and choose a venue in the countryside?  After the recent covid pandemic, everyone needs a bit of space and a…

6 Event Management & Planning Software Solutions

05th March 2021,
Event management is not what it used to be - manual lists, telephone calls and constant follow-ups to keep everything in check. Depending upon your event’s requirements, there are a plethora of tools available that streamline your tasks and handle everything – right from vendors and attendees to event spaces and floor plans. Thanks to technology, you can now take a minute (or many more) out of your busy schedules…

Tips for creating passwords and password management

03rd March 2021,
In today’s technological world, everyone seems to have an ever-growing list of accounts and services which all require a password.  It can be a nightmare thinking of them in the first place, and subsequently to keep track of them all. Creating a strong password is one of the most important security measures you can take to protect yourself from cyber attacks.  Hackers are getting increasingly clever at decrypting passwords, so…

Event Terms beginning with ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’

28th February 2021,
Today we will simplify event industry terms beginning with D, E and F.  There are not so many of these, but they can still be a bit of a puzzle to organisers starting out. Dance Floor – the designated area of floor for dancing which is traditionally wood, but you can also have a disco LED dancefloor or a mirror, or starlit.  The choice is endless! DB&B – dinner, bed and…
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