10 of the Most Sustainable Event Venues in London


More and more of us are keen to help to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily lives.  The event industry is working hard to do it’s bit and more and more venues are getting on board with the idea.  Here are ten of the most sustainable event venues in London:

Kings Place:

Nestled in the bustling King’s Cross district, King’s Place is wholeheartedly dedicated to lessening its environmental footprint and aspires to set a pioneering example within the cultural sector.

kings place sustainable venue

This event venue capitalises on its favourable setting within a BREEAM-certified building and proximity to one of Europe’s most extensive public transport hubs, significantly diminishing the necessity for using cars. Among its sustainable initiatives, King’s Place has embarked on an energy-saving mission by converting the lighting system in the Hall One auditorium, resulting in a remarkable 90% reduction in energy consumption.

The Barbican:

The venue has set a target to achieve carbon net zero by 2027. To accomplish this goal, it has taken decisive steps, including the elimination of all single-use plastics, the establishment of a zero-waste-to-landfill policy to ensure that waste is repurposed, recycled, or composted rather than discarded in landfills, and the complete adoption of 100% renewable electricity.

barbican sustainable venue

In terms of its food and beverage services, The Barbican has already achieved 100% carbon neutrality for its coffee offerings. It also manages food waste through composting practices and has installed on-site water fountains to promote sustainable water consumption.

Oceandiva London:

Pioneering as the first carbon-neutral event venue along the illustrious River Thames, this venue has earned the esteemed Platinum Green Award, signifying the highest level of environmental recognition for waterborne vessels.With three decks dedicated to event spaces, this vessel seamlessly links guests to London’s iconic landmarks, whether sailing or moored.

oceandiva sustainable venue

Oceandiva London is committed to eco-conscious energy solutions and meticulously evaluates each event, subsequently counterbalancing its environmental impact through support of diverse sustainability projects. In addition, the ship proudly serves locally sourced, fair trade catering and takes an active role in recycling food waste.

Olympia London:

Olympia London continues to host events as a new visitor destination takes shape around this iconic venue. Anticipated to be finished by the conclusion of 2024, this development will introduce additional on-site accommodations and an array of dining options, including a captivating sky garden and a modern theatre.

olympia london sustainable venue
Courtesy of Olympia London

Sustainability remains a central focus of this project, with a commitment to repurpose existing assets and a goal of achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating for all new construction. Furthermore, an ecological enhancement plan includes the addition of 4,645 square metres of roof terrace space and a 3,872-square-metre green roof for the upcoming Olympia arena. The venue’s dedication to sustainable practices is underscored by its possession of a Green Tourism Gold Award.


Convene adopts a comprehensive sustainability strategy that actively involves its staff in achieving environmental goals. Their initiatives encompass an advanced heating and ventilation system that meticulously manages fresh air and water systems, as well as intelligent blinds that adjust their orientation in response to the sun’s angle, optimizing heat regulation.

convene sustainable venue

Furthermore, Convene collaborates with the broader building ecosystem by converting food waste and ground coffee waste into biogas, which is then seamlessly integrated into the National Grid. They’ve also implemented a streamlined delivery process, routing items to a consolidation center, resulting in twice daily deliveries that align with the City of London’s vision for cleaner streets.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre:

This beautiful venue in Clerkenwell has a strong focus on sustainable practices and is a hub for creativity and design.

unique events venue london


IET London:Savoy Place:

Part of the IET Venues Group, this venue consistently demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the integration of sustainable initiatives aimed at mitigating its environmental footprint.In 2021, IET Venues accomplished a bronze-level Investors in the Environment Accreditation, a testament to its multifaceted efforts in cultivating sustainability within its operations. Building on this commitment, in 2022, the company elevated its sustainability endeavours to receive the silver-level Investors in the Environment Accreditation, signifying more advanced actions taken to minimise its environmental impact.

iet savoy place sustainable venue

Notably, the company also attained a prestigious platinum-level ECOsmart Accreditation, which underscores its achievement of the highest attainable standard in environmental sustainability practices. These practices encompass the use of recycled materials, adoption of renewable energy sources, and enhancements in in-house air quality.

The Mermaid London:

In the last year, The Mermaid London’s unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has led to significant accomplishments.

mermaid sustainable venue

The venue successfully recycled 107,840 kilograms of materials, encompassing cardboard, food, and general waste. This endeavor also yielded the production of 24,824 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy, resulting in the conservation of 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions and the preservation of 252 trees.

BMA House:

A sustainable and eco-friendly venue in central London, BMA House is known for its commitment to responsible business practices. Having attained a prestigious Platinum ECOsmart accreditation from Greengage, grounded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ISO 14001 criteria, this venue is at the forefront of environmental sustainability across all aspects of its operations. Remarkably, it stands as one of the inaugural venues globally to have garnered this esteemed recognition.

bma house sustainable venue

From the elimination of plastics and paper at events to the incorporation of locally sourced ingredients and health-conscious menus, BMA House has effectively reduced its attendees’ carbon footprint by an impressive 69% and curtailed annual water consumption by 5.4 million liters. Additionally, the venue proudly holds a Green Tourism Gold Award, further enhancing its reputation as a Grade II-listed building dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

The Royal Horticultural Halls:

These historic and elegant venues in central London have implemented various sustainability initiatives.Their operations strictly adhere to ISO 14001 and BS 8901 standards, which serve as the gold standards for orchestrating sustainable events and oversee all facets of the event organiser’s supply chain.

royal horticultural halls sustainable venue

They diligently reduce waste generation and efficiently harness energy through waste recovery procedures. Their energy-saving measures include the adoption of low-energy lighting, energy-efficient hand-dryers, the utilisation of biodegradable hand soap, the integration of 100% recycled paper products, sourcing locally-produced goods, and maximising the use of natural lighting and ventilation whenever feasible.

When booking a sustainable event venue, it’s always a good idea to enquire about their specific green practices, such as recycling, energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing of materials, and more.  By doing this you can be sure that the venue will meet all of your expectations.

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