10 Sustainable Event Venues in Leeds

studio leeds sustainable event venue

Sustainability is increasingly recognised as a crucial aspect of the events industry due to its significant environmental, social, and economic impacts. The sector is known for generating substantial waste, consuming vast amounts of energy, and producing large carbon footprints through travel and logistics. As awareness of climate change and resource depletion grows, there is a pressing need for the industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

Here are 10 sustainable event venues in Leeds for you to consider:

Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa

Located on the outskirts of Leeds, the hotel incorporates a variety of eco-friendly practices aimed at minimising its environmental footprint. It features energy-efficient systems, including LED lighting and advanced heating and cooling technologies to reduce energy consumption. The venue also prioritises waste management through rigorous recycling programs and strives to source its catering supplies locally to support the community and reduce food miles. Additionally, Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa emphasises the use of sustainable materials and environmentally responsible products throughout its operations. By integrating these green initiatives, the hotel not only enhances its sustainability credentials but also provides a model for eco-conscious hospitality.

Radisson Blu Hotel Leeds

This central venue is known for its commitment to green initiatives​. These include energy-saving measures such as LED lighting and smart thermostats to optimise energy use. Water conservation is also a priority, with low-flow fixtures and regular maintenance to prevent leaks. Radisson Blu Leeds is committed to waste reduction through comprehensive recycling programs and by minimising single-use plastics. The hotel sources locally-produced food for its catering services, reducing food miles and supporting local suppliers. Additionally, the Radisson Blu Hotel has been awarded Green Key certification, which recognises its efforts in sustainability and environmental management.

Village Hotel Leeds North

Positioned just outside the city centre, this venue offers sustainable conferencing options with a focus on reducing its environmental impact​. The hotel utilises energy-efficient systems, such as LED lighting and modern HVAC systems, to reduce energy consumption. Water conservation measures are in place, including low-flow fixtures and regular monitoring to prevent wastage. The hotel emphasises waste reduction through comprehensive recycling programs and aims to minimise single-use plastics in its operations. Village Hotel Leeds North sources locally produced food and beverages for its catering services, supporting local suppliers and reducing carbon footprints associated with transportation.

Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries is committed to upholding and promoting the highest standards of environmental practices, ensuring its operations are socially responsible on both local and global scales. Recognising the importance of protecting the environment for the future, the organisation has implemented a policy and event checklist aimed at increasing sustainability awareness among staff, service providers, clients, and the local community. The Venue actively assesses and updates its policies and practices to enhance sustainability across all business areas. It has earned Silver accreditations from Green Tourism and Greengage Solutions, reflecting its commitment to meeting high sustainability standards.

The Met Hotel

Located in the city centre, The Met has adopted various sustainability practices, making it a great choice for eco-conscious event planners​. The hotel emphasises the use of renewable energy sources and has implemented rigorous waste reduction practices. Additionally, it supports the local economy by sourcing ingredients for its Tempus Restaurant & Bar from nearby suppliers, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. The Met Hotel also encourages the use of public transport due to its central location near Leeds train station, promoting a car-free, eco-friendly way for guests to reach the venue.

Park Plaza Leeds

The hotel prioritises energy efficiency with the installation of LED lighting and energy management systems that help reduce electricity consumption. Additionally, they have robust waste management strategies, including recycling programs to minimise landfill waste. For catering, Park Plaza Leeds focuses on sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.  The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is evident through their support for the “Just a Drop” initiative. Guests are encouraged to forgo daily housekeeping services during their stay, which conserves water, power, and detergent. For each night guests opt out of housekeeping, the hotel donates to the charity, promoting both environmental conservation and global clean water projects.

Crowne Plaza Leeds

crowne plaza leeds sustainable venue

Known for its large capacity and commitment to sustainability, this hotel offers eco-friendly conference solutions​. Apart from the use of energy-efficient lighting and heating systems to minimise energy consumption, the hotel has robust waste management programs that prioritise recycling and reducing waste output. Crowne Plaza Leeds also supports the local economy by sourcing food and beverages locally for its restaurant, thereby reducing transportation emissions and supporting regional producers. The hotel’s central location promotes the use of public transport, further reducing the carbon footprint of its guests. For events, the Crowne Plaza Leeds offers eco-friendly options, ensuring that meetings and conferences are both high-quality and sustainable.

thestudio Leeds

A modern venue with state-of-the-art facilities, thestudio emphasises the use of locally sourced and seasonal food for catering, reducing food miles and supporting local producers. Additionally, the Studio Leeds implements energy-efficient practices throughout its facility, including LED lighting and energy-saving appliances.Waste management is another critical area, with a strong focus on recycling and minimising single-use plastics. The venue encourages the use of digital materials to cut down on paper waste, promoting paperless events where possible. They also provide guidance and support to event organisers on how to make their events more sustainable, ensuring that sustainability is a shared goal between the venue and its clients.

Horizon Leeds

horizon leeds sustainable venue

This venue is specifically designed for sustainable events, featuring advanced technology to reduce energy consumption and a strong commitment to green practices​. The venue focuses on reducing its carbon footprint through various initiatives. One significant effort is their commitment to using locally sourced produce, which minimises transportation emissions and supports local farmers and suppliers. They also emphasise plant-based catering options, which have a lower environmental impact compared to meat-based dishes. In addition to sustainable catering, Horizon Leeds employs energy-efficient technologies throughout its facilities, including LED lighting and advanced heating and cooling systems. The venue also prioritises waste reduction by implementing comprehensive recycling programs and encouraging digital alternatives to paper, such as electronic invitations and event materials. Horizon Leeds actively educates and collaborates with clients to ensure that sustainability is a core consideration in event planning, helping to create environmentally responsible events​.

Weetwood Hall Estate

weetwood hall
© howard barnett photography

This venue combines historical charm with modern sustainability practices, including a biomass energy centre and eco-friendly conference packages​. Weetwood Hall Estate in Leeds is committed to sustainable practices across its operations. The estate implements a variety of eco-friendly measures to minimise its environmental impact. These include the use of recycling stations, environmentally friendly crockery, and refillable glass water bottles. Additionally, the hotel sources food regionally to reduce its carbon footprint. Guests are encouraged to participate in green initiatives such as a towel re-use program and in-room recycling options. The estate also promotes the use of public transport to and from the venue to further reduce emissions.

Sustainability in events can enhance brand reputation, meet the increasing demand from eco-conscious consumers, and often result in cost savings through more efficient use of resources. ​ Using venues that embrace sustainability not only provide excellent facilities for events but also ensure that it is a core part of their operations, helping to reduce the environmental impact of your events.

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