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5 simple things you can do to make your meeting room more inviting

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Fresh flowers

Invest in a small, elegant vase that suits your table, and fill it with a handful of fresh flowers.  Instantly adding a vibrant lease of life to your meeting room, even the simplest of posies can make a big impact.  There will certainly be a shop that sells them nearby, or if you have outdoor space around your office, perhaps you could consider planting seeds to provide a constant source of flowers.  Adding glass beads to your vase also gives an extra edge – particularly if they’re in your brand colours.


Set the table properly

Having a perfectly set table gives an impression of good preparation and attention to detail.  Make sure your water glasses, coffee mugs, stationary and other accessories are neatly matched and inviting.  Having attractive glass jugs of water with ice and slices of lemon indicates a freshly laid table, and it’s well worth getting a chopping board/tabletop protector customised with your logo on it for an extra touch when serving refreshments.


Buy proper biscuits and snacks

Instead of buying your average chocolate digestives or ginger nuts, why not splash out just a few more pennies on some more luxurious cookies?  The bakery at your local supermarket will sell more indulgent, freshly baked goods – they’re wholly more tempting, and much more likely to impress your guests.


Make an entrance

The manner in which you welcome guests into a room makes an enormous difference on how quickly they relax.  Simple acts such as holding the door open with a few welcoming arm gestures and a specific invite to ‘come in and make ourselves comfortable’ immediately puts people at ease – and ensure you make eye contact and smile with every individual entering the room to establish some familiarity.


Set out the right number of chairs

Having, say, 6 people and 9 chairs can throw the balance of a meeting off course from the word go.  Your guests will be unsure as to how to gather when they sit down, and you run the risk of having awkward gaps between them.  Make sure you remove any extra chairs before the meeting, and then calculate the best layout for your exact number of guests.  It gives the meeting a sense of union, and also allows you to set your table so that everything is neat and within arm’s reach.


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