5 top tips for choosing the best venue finding agency


Organising a corporate event or private celebration can be a time consuming business. The sheer hard work that goes into choosing and arranging the perfect venue, making sure that every single detail of your event is carefully executed to your satisfaction, should not be underestimated. Wouldn’t it be great if you could delegate some of this mammoth task to a competent assistant?

Venue finding agencies are just that – an extra pair of hands, ready to help in any way they can. Find a good one and they’ll use their expertise to not only secure the best venue for you but take your event planning to the next level. And they’ll be saving you precious time, effort and money in the process.

Here are 5 top tips to help you choose the best venue finding agency.

1 – Thorough industry knowledge and experience

With many different companies competing for your custom, make sure you pick a venue finder with a solid industry track record. Function Fixers have 20+ years of venue finding and event management expertise, and a team of professional venue finders and event coordinators at your disposal. Not only do we know the industry like the back of our hand, we probably know everyone in it too! When it comes to finding the right venue for our clients, we can hit the ground running fast.

2 – Extensive database of all kinds of venues

A huge advantage of using the services of a venue finding company is that you’ll get access to their superior directory of venues. Make sure you’re happy with the quality and quantity of available venues. At Function Fixers, we have a vast portfolio of thousands of event spaces for all types of functions that are continually monitored and updated to meet our exacting standards. In addition to a wealth of conference and corporate venues, party and private dining venues, we also have a wide range of unique venues including historical buildings, arts galleries and museums, academic facilities, sporting establishments and much more.

unique corporate venue hire

3 – Outstanding customer service


In the venue finding industry, it’s all about the quality of the service provided. Look for friendly, helpful staff that communicate efficiently and professionally. The Function Fixers team are enthusiastic and passionate events experts who are keen to get on with the job in hand. Highly skilled in negotiating the finer details, we will work with you all the way from your first enquiry through to booking the venue, delivering a result that ticks all the boxes.

4 – Skilful extension of your in-house team

Trust and professionalism are key decision making criteria when it comes to delegating elements of your event planning. Let’s be blunt: you wouldn’t get a dog and bark yourself, would you? At Function Fixers, we are acutely aware of your expectations to save you both management time and budget. That’s why we go the extra mile. Our service is fast – we’ll have venue ideas to you within 1 hour and proposals within 4 hours – and totally free. Better still, we will negotiate with venues on your behalf and can often obtain substantial discounts not available elsewhere.

5 – Glowing customer feedback

Finally, it’s good business practice to always check previous customers’ experiences, as a sanity check if nothing else. Function Fixers are delighted to have received plenty of positive feedback from happy customers over the years that we are only too happy to share. For more information or to discuss your requirements for your next event venue, our friendly venue finders are waiting for your call on 020 7186 8686.

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