Best venues for after-work parties in Birmingham


Birmingham is a vibrant and energetic city and is well-known for some of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the UK. The close proximity of bars, restaurants, and pubs, allows people to easily hop from one venue to another. Also the convenience of affordable taxi rides within the city centre, often costing less than £5, contributes to the city’s bustling nightlife.  If you are looking for an after-work party venue in Birmingham, here are our pick of a few of the best:

The Lord Clifden:

This traditional pub in the Jewellery Quarter offers a relaxed atmosphere with a spacious outdoor terrace. It’s a popular choice for after-work drinks and often hosts live music events.

52 Gas Street:

In the heart of the city centre, you’ll find 52 Gas Street—an exquisite destination for an abundance of cocktails in an elegant environment. This waterfront haven is the ultimate party venue, offering a delightful selection of beverages, including Singapore slings, lemonberry sorbets, and timeless mojitos.

52 gas street

Be at One:

With perhaps the city’s most extensive cocktail selection, the Be At One team provides Birmingham’s partygoers with an evening filled with delightful, spirit-infused creations and electrifying DJ performances. Tucked away in the Piccadilly Arcade on New Street, this venue keeps its doors open late into the early morning hours and welcomes an impressive roster of DJs to fill the air with pulsating bass and vibrant trebles.

The Victoria:

Situated in the city centre, The Victoria is a classic pub with a cosy interior and an extensive selection of craft beers and ciders. They often have live music and DJ events in the evenings.

The Lost & Found:

This cocktail bar and restaurant, located on Bennetts Hill, offers a sophisticated ambiance and an extensive cocktail menu. It’s ideal for a more upscale after-work party.

lost and found party venue birmingham

The Jekyll & Hyde:

Known for its quirky and eccentric décor, this gin bar on Steelhouse Lane serves an impressive array of gin-based cocktails. They also have a Victorian-inspired gin parlour for a unique experience.

The Mailbox:

The Mailbox area hosts several upscale bars and restaurants, including Gas Street Social, Aluna, and Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill. It’s a great location for a more upscale after-work gathering with colleagues.


Lab 11:

Lab 11’s authentic underground atmosphere positions it as a sought-after destination in Digbeth, consistently attracting party enthusiasts not only from Birmingham but also across the entire Midlands. Boasting three distinct areas and an outdoor terrace nestled beneath Victorian viaducts, it’s the perfect setting for a warehouse-style party where revelers dance until dawn breaks. Anticipate a bustling schedule of events, including in-house and externally promoted gatherings, all week long.

The Rainbow Venues:

If you’re looking for a more vibrant and energetic atmosphere, The Rainbow Venues, located in Digbeth, often hosts electronic music events and parties. Check their schedule for upcoming events.

The Electric Cinema:

If you and your colleagues are into film, consider The Electric Cinema, located in the city centre. You can book a private screening room and enjoy drinks and snacks while watching a movie together.

electric cinema birmingham

The Night Owl:

Taking a step back in time, the Night Owl team offers Birmingham’s partygoers a club night steeped in timeless melodies and eccentric decor. With an impressive lineup of DJs playing the finest classic Rock, Funk & Soul, and old-school Hip Hop, the venue’s numerous disco balls and vintage artefacts come together to craft an immersive atmosphere guaranteed to bring joy to your heart.

The Old Crown:

As one of Birmingham’s oldest pubs, The Old Crown in Digbeth has a charming, historic atmosphere. It’s a great spot for a traditional pub experience after work.

The Sun on the Hill:

Situated in the heart of Birmingham’s shopping district, this pub offers a spacious outdoor terrace and a range of drinks. It’s a convenient location for after-work drinks if you work in the city centre.

party venue birmingham


If you would like some help in finding or booking an after-work party venue in Birmingham, please get in touch with us today.

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