Commercial Kitchens for Hire in London


In the vibrant culinary scene of London, numerous commercial kitchens offer hire services tailored for cooking demonstrations, workshops, and culinary events. These spaces cater to a wide range of professionals, including chefs, food influencers, and aspiring cooks looking to host events or showcase their culinary skills. Here are some renowned commercial kitchen spaces in London that provide facilities for cooking demos and events:

Central Street Cookery School:

commercial kitchen hire
Courtesy of Obby

Located in Old Street, this well-equipped space offers a variety of kitchen setups for hire. It’s suitable for cooking classes, workshops, and demonstrations. The kitchen boasts professional appliances and ample space for small to medium-sized events.

Avenue Cookery School:

avenue cookery school

Nestled in Wandsworth, Avenue Cookery School provides a welcoming and professional environment for hosting cooking events. With a variety of cooking stations and equipment available for hire, this space is ideal for workshops, team-building exercises, and demonstrations.

No 42 Southwark Street:

No 42 Southwark Street features a commercial kitchen designed for demonstrations and is available to hire for tastings, training events, meetings, product launches, and various other functions. The venue is conveniently situated at street level and is completely accessible.

Jenius Social:

commercial kitchen hire

Located in Islington, this modern kitchen space offers a welcoming environment for culinary events. It’s equipped with professional-grade appliances and is well-suited for hosting cooking classes, workshops, and team-building activities. jenius social inventory list

Underground Cookery School:

underground cookery school hire

The Underground Cookery School is a unique venue in the city of London, housing two contemporary, well-appointed kitchens, a food preparation area, and a dining space. Ideal for product launches, press events, tastings, culinary classes, demos, team-building activities, meetings, and celebrations. Underground Cookery School Equipment.

School of Wok:

school of wok

Based in Covent Garden, the School of Wok is a renowned Asian cooking school that offers its professional kitchen space for hire. Equipped with wok stations and other specialized equipment, it’s an excellent choice for hosting Asian cooking demos and workshops.

Food at 52:

Situated in Clerkenwell, Food at 52 provides a cosy and well-equipped kitchen space for hire. It’s perfect for smaller, more intimate cooking classes, workshops, and culinary events.


icetank kitchen hire

This venue is also in Covent Garden. It has a high-end demonstration kitchen situated on the ground floor, complemented by a fully operational catering kitchen in the lower basement.

Studio Z:

studio z kitchen

Situated in the lively hub of Brixton,Studio Z consists of 2000 square feet of flexible areas spanning two interconnected railway arches. Their fully equipped, professional-grade kitchen is ideal for catering for an event or creating cooking-focused content. See kitchen spec here.

These commercial kitchens in London offer diverse settings, equipment, and amenities tailored to various culinary needs. They provide the ideal environment for hosting cooking demonstrations, workshops, and events while ensuring professionalism, convenience, and the necessary facilities for a successful culinary experience.

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