Convene Sancroft, St Paul’s


Founded in 2009, Convene has served the meetings and events needs of over 4,000 companies globally. Convene now operates a network of 39 premium meeting, event, and flexible office locations across nine cities, solidifying its position as the largest single provider of such venues in the U.S. and UK. Convene’s portfolio includes brands like etc.venues, SaksWorks, Club 75, and the “by Convene” label for bespoke locations in partnership with other organizations. With 44 years of combined experience, Convene’s brands bring hospitality and lifestyle into traditional commercial real estate assets, enhancing building value and providing premium experiences for tenants.

Convene is expanding its presence in London to meet the growing demand for outsourced meeting and event spaces. After opening  22 Bishopsgate in 2022, further expansion followed with the acquisition of etc.venues, which significantly increased its footprint across the UK. In response to client needs, the new location at Sancroft, St. Paul’s opening in April 2024, will feature a 900-person plenary room, making it the largest space in Convene’s global portfolio and the largest single above-ground room in the City of London.

Courtesy of Convene


Here are some key details about Convene Sancroft, St. Paul’s:

  • 5,000 sq ft on the ground floor and the entire 40,000 sq ft floorplate on level one.
  • Seven unique meeting spaces, including a 900-person room.
  • Total capacity of 1,200 guests.
  • Expected to open for business in Q1 2024.

The company has observed a 90% increase in demand for its Meetings & Events product in London, particularly in the City of London. The company aims to cater to the meeting and event needs of nearby businesses and accommodate the growing attendance of existing clients’ events with this new location.

courtesy of convene


As a single-solution meetings provider, Convene offers in-house culinary, award-winning design, and AV and production services, providing a turnkey experience for in-person and hybrid events. The Sancroft, St. Paul’s building will also include a 3,000-square-foot amenity center for all tenants, featuring a lounge area, cafe with barista, library, and unique programming. Convene will manage and activate the amenity center and operate the building reception for the entire Sancroft property.

courtesy of convene

Convene is positioned to lead the evolution of the modern office building, aligning with the trend identified by CBRE, where 39% of occupiers in EMEA seek curated events and workplace experiences to encourage a return to the office.

Their spokesperson highlighted their unique ability to enhance workplace experiences and create extraordinary meeting and event experiences, making buildings more attractive to occupiers while increasing monetization for owners.

Convene’s latest London property draws inspiration from the local craftsmanship, elevating curated design to new heights. The interior design not only restores medieval vistas and perspectives but also seamlessly integrates elements of contemporary architecture into the traditionally rooted surroundings of the neighbourhood.

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