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In today’s busy world, time is of the essence to every professional.  In particular PAs and EAs often find themselves with numerous projects on and have to juggle and prioritise work constantly.  Imagine then when the boss adds the organising of the annual conference or exhibition to the workload…  This is when you need to turn to a reputable venue finding agency for help.

secrets of successful venue finding

Finding the perfect venue every time

You only get venues that fit with your requirements, so no time wasted on trawling through hundreds of options.

Best possible rates

A reputable venue finding company will be able to negotiate really keen rates because they book a high volume of events, so venues are more likely to give them cheaper rates.

Reliable suppliers

Venue finders always have a portfolio of suppliers who will be able to assist with catering, production etc and again will often offer reduced rates should you prefer a blank canvas venue.

Saving valuable time

Saves time – once you give your venue finder the brief, you can be sure that they will work quickly to find you a selection of really good options. Allowing them to be your point of contact during this process means that you can get on with the event planning without constant interruptions from venues chasing you for an update.

A FREE service

The service is FREE! Similar to hotel booking agents and travel agents, venue finding services come at no cost to event organisers. They are paid commission (this can vary from 5% to 10%) by the venue you eventually choose.  Venues and hotels alike depend on agencies for a high proportion of their business, so are happy to pay commission to get the business with no impact whatsoever on the rates that you as the client will pay. Indeed in most cases venue finders will get you better rates than if you had gone directly to the venue.

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Once you have experienced a brilliant venue finding service, there is no going back.  No more backlog of work and worrying about finding the perfect venue.  You can keep working on your normal day to day stuff whilst the venue finder works his/her magic on your behalf.

Posted on 20th January 2022 by author Carrie Larwood

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