Event catering for special diets

event catering


event catering

Catering can be a huge part of event planning, especially if you have lots of guests to prepare for. As knowledge of different allergies has advanced, more and more people are aware of their dietary requirements. Vegetarian and vegan diets have also become increasingly popular in modern society. Of course, there are also different religions that have restrictions on what can and cannot be eaten. It can be difficult to know how to cater for all kinds of diets, especially when there’s so much that goes into planning the perfect event. Take a look below at our advice on event catering for special diets.

Plan in advance!

Whether you’re planning a small corporate event and want to prepare for lunch between meetings, or maybe looking to cater for something bigger like a private wedding or a fancy party, its important to plan in advance. First of all, try getting in touch with the venue to see if they do catering. Some venues may have specific restrictions, or may do everything in-house. If not, you can always work with the venue to get catering sorted out before the big day.

Don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any special dietary requirements. This will help you avoid any problems before the day of your event, as well as help when talking to the venue to get everything organised. When guests sign up for your event, you could include a short questionnaire to help better understand their needs in advance. This way, they can let you know about any allergies, requirements and more.

Think about the costs

Accommodating for everyone isn’t easy, but going that extra mile for your guests can leave a lasting impression for both you and your brand. Still, its important to consider your budget when planning ahead. If you can’t afford too much when it comes to food, you could still at least try and prepare a few options. Again, don’t forget that the venue may have their own catering, so you may already be paying for this service.

What kind of special diets should you prepare for?

special diets


As mentioned, there are all sorts of dietary requirements and allergies that you might need to prepare for. For example, nut allergies are very common and can also be incredibly serious – if one person is allergic, it may be safer for you, your guests and the venue to keep the menu nut free. Coeliac disease is also very common these days, so you may need to think about providing food without gluten or wheat. Vegan and vegetarian diets are also popular, so its important to keep this in mind when you think about your menu.

Need a hand?

If you’re planning an event and feeling a bit overwhelmed, why not get in touch with us today? At Function Fixers, we have over 20 years of venue finding and event management experience. Our professional team of expert venue finders and event co-ordinators can help you find the perfect venue for you. If food is on the menu for your party, just let us know as part of the brief. Give us a call now on 020 7186 8686 or click here to find out more on how to get in touch with our friendly team.

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