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Whether you’re planning a business function, a private dining event in London or a milestone birthday party, your head will be spinning with a hundred little (and not so little) details that need to be dealt with to make the occasion a success. Every event is a labour of love – but with so much effort going in, what if something goes wrong? This is where you need to think about insurance.

At Function Fixers, we know event planning like the back of our hand. From helping you find the perfect venue to giving guidance and advice on caterers, equipment suppliers and anything you might need for your event, we also know that it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality.

Here are 4 types of insurance that are highly recommended for every event.

1 – Cancellation

Imagine the unimaginable: something unforeseen has happened and you’re having to cancel the event. Nightmare?! If you took out event insurance, you could be covered for cancellation on the grounds of personal issues or family matters, adverse weather conditions that make the event unsafe or other reasons stated on the policy. Any irrecoverable costs or expenses incurred in connection with the event will be paid up to the level of indemnity on your insurance policy.

2 – Public Liability – Injury and Damage

What if someone has an accident during the event? If an attendee should accidentally injure themselves as a result of something you didn’t do – say someone tripped over a cable and broke their arm – the ‘accidental bodily injury’ part of your public liability insurance would be triggered. Likewise, if there is accidental loss or damage to property not belonging to you – say someone knocked over an antique vase at a historical venue, or spilt wine over a laptop belonging to a presenter – the public liability section of the policy would respond to the loss/damage.

3 – Fireworks

After Public Liability and Cancellation insurance, fireworks cover is a biggie. If you’re planning a fireworks display for your event, it’s the organiser’s (i.e. your) responsibility to ensure the guests’ safety. Make sure that your event insurance policy covers fireworks and bonfires – many don’t. But if yours does, both accidental bodily injury and accidental loss/damage to material property should be covered, giving you complete peace of mind.

4 – Comprehensive

It is nigh on impossible to have total control over every little detail of your event, but if you want to be sure that all bases are covered and exclude all risk, comprehensive event insurance is the way to go. After all, what price peace of mind?

Why not get in touch with Function Fixers today and share your ideas for your next event with our expert professional team? You’ll find us a pleasure to deal with, full of initiative and – importantly – our advice is entirely free of charge. Call today on 020 7186 8686.

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