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Your wedding dress is at the forefront of your mind from the moment the ring is put on your finger. Everyone wants something different, there are huge numbers of shops selling bridal wear, and one can literally spend hours typing preferences and ideas into Google Image, gazing at what could be ‘the one’.

Everyone knows that bridal wear is a multi-million pound industry in the UK, and some gowns can be astronomically expensive. Why is it that when you walk into a shop, you immediately go for the priciest frock of them all? It’s because quality shines out from miles away, and you know your figure well enough to spot a shape that’ll slim you down and flatter your features – let’s face it, these ones always cost more.

Have you considered, however, having your dress made for you by a seamstress or professional clothes maker? Do some research in your local area about small businesses that deal with this kind of thing. You might well dig up an absolute bargain, and end up with a dress that is entirely yours in terms of style, fabric, fit and length. If you find an experienced seamstress, they will often have contacts to help you with materials, and of course, will have the know-how to give you a shape which brings out all your beast features. You can afford, and have time to be, very fussy in this situation – many people think they’re being too demanding when coming up with a design, but the fact is, that the more precise you are the easier the seamstress will find it to design and create the dress. Be waed – sometimes it can take them up to a year to make a high-end gown, so if the thought crosses your mind when you’re first engaged, it’s well worth investigating this option early on.

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