How to be a great venue finder


What does it take to be a great venue finder?  What traits does a good venue finder need?  When clients come to us, they may have already tried contacting some venues directly, but are disillusioned with what is on offer.  Or they may have tried a venue finding agency who’s service may be a little impersonal.

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Here are 5 traits that we think make a good venue finder great:


Just as an event planner, a great venue finder must have a high level of imagination. When a client talks about his or her vision, a great venue finder must use imagination and go a step further . As a result, the venue proposed would suit not only the original brief and logistics, but also create an unforgettable experience for all the attendees.


Negotiation skills are important in any aspect of life. To be able to negotiate the best deal for the client, while not creating loss for the venue. This skill is a true indication of a great venue finder. It is our job to present everyone with the bigger picture and get the best results, whilst caring for our suppliers and clients.

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Politeness and good manners

A lot of venue finders are so busy and concerned with reaching targets, that they forget about simple politeness, especially when dealing with venue managers. No matter who we deal with, a level of respect and understanding must be given to all the people. Simple thank you, responding on time, arriving on time…Politeness will get you a long way if you want to become a great venue finder.


Maths skills are important because they solve many problems. Event planning is all about budgets, getting the most out of the available resources. Clients have a specific budget and a portion of it will be allocated for the venue, but there are other costs to consider such as travel or equipment. A great venue finder knows that and is able to suggest new ways of cost cutting for his or her client.


Sometimes a client can be very clear about his or her requirements.  The brief will be very detailed, even as far as the specific measurements of the meeting room. However, there are times when a client needs some fresh ideas or simply does not know what is needed to make the event special. Our expertise but most of all intuition, will guide us in the search process. We anticipate the client needs and suggest venues that match the company’s image or mission statement, and at the same time possess a level of uniqueness.

Function Fixers staff are well-trained and fully conversant with the above traits.  Nothing is too much trouble for our friendly team. In addition to being great venue finders, we are constantly scouting for new venues in London and across the UK and Europe to add to our unique portfolio, so whenever a new client contacts us, he or she is guaranteed to not only getting an exceptional service, they are also getting information on and access to the newest event venues available.


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For more information on venues for any type of event, contact us now and experience our service for yourself.

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