Hosting International Events in the UK


Why should you consider hosting your next international event in the UK? Apart from being easily accessible from all corners of the globe, you will find a rich cultural heritage, with iconic landmarks, museums, galleries, and theaters that provide unique settings for events.

Here are some things for you to consider when you are planning an international event in the UK:

Business Hubs:

The UK has several major business hubs, each offering unique advantages and opportunities for companies.


As the capital city, London is the largest and most significant business hub in the UK. It is a global financial centre, home to the headquarters of numerous multinational corporations, banks, financial institutions, and law firms. London also boasts a thriving technology sector, particularly in areas such as fintech, biotech, and digital marketing.


Manchester is a major business hub in the North of England. It has a diverse economy, with strengths in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, digital and creative industries, healthcare, and financial services. Manchester is also known for its vibrant startup scene and strong academic institutions, making it an attractive location for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Located in the West Midlands, Birmingham is a key business hub with a well-developed infrastructure and a diverse economy. It is a major centre for professional and financial services, manufacturing, engineering, and digital technology. Birmingham is also known for its international trade and investment opportunities, particularly through its well-connected transportation networks.


As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a prominent business hub with strengths in finance, technology, tourism, and education. It is home to many financial services companies, including major banks and insurance firms. Edinburgh also has a thriving tech startup scene, fueled by the presence of world-class universities and research institutions.


Glasgow is another important business hub in Scotland, known for its strong industrial heritage and diverse economy. It has significant strengths in sectors such as manufacturing, renewable energy, life sciences, and creative industries. Glasgow is also a major center for higher education and research, contributing to its reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Diverse Venues:

What type of venues are available to hire for events?  The UK offers a wide variety of venues to suit every event type and budget:

  • Historic Landmarks: From majestic castles like Windsor Castle and Edinburgh Castle to historic palaces such as Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace, the UK is dotted with iconic landmarks that provide a unique and grand setting for events.
  • Stately Homes and Country Estates: England’s countryside is adorned with elegant stately homes and sprawling country estates, many of which offer exquisite gardens, ballrooms, and banquet halls for weddings, conferences, and corporate events. Examples include Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House, and Highclere Castle.
  • Conference Centres: Major cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow boast state-of-the-art conference centres equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Venues like ExCeL London, Manchester Central, and the NEC Birmingham are popular choices for large-scale conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows.
  • Contemporary Event Spaces: Urban areas in the UK feature a plethora of contemporary event spaces housed in converted warehouses, industrial lofts, and modern skyscrapers. These venues offer a trendy and versatile backdrop for product launches, fashion shows, and corporate gatherings. Examples include The Brewery in London, Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, and The Engine Shed in Edinburgh.
  • Museums and Galleries: Museums and art galleries across the UK offer distinctive settings for events, combining cultural heritage with contemporary elegance. Whether it’s hosting a gala dinner amidst priceless artworks or organising a conference in a museum’s lecture hall, venues like the British Museum, Tate Modern, and the National Museum of Scotland provide unparalleled ambiance and inspiration.

Sporting Arenas for Corporate Events:

twickenham sports stadium hire

The UK’s passion for sports is reflected in its numerous sporting arenas and stadiums, which can be transformed into dynamic event venues. From football stadiums like Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford to iconic venues like Wimbledon and The O2 Arena, these spaces offer ample opportunities for large-scale events, concerts, and corporate hospitality.

  • Wembley Stadium (London): As one of the most iconic sporting venues in the world, Wembley Stadium offers a range of event spaces suitable for corporate events, including conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. The venue’s corporate facilities include conference rooms, hospitality suites, and event spaces with stunning views of the pitch.
  • Twickenham Stadium (London): Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby, provides a range of event spaces ideal for corporate events and conferences. The venue offers modern conference rooms, hospitality suites, and event spaces overlooking the pitch, providing a unique setting for meetings, receptions, and dinners.
  • Old Trafford (Manchester): Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club, offers a variety of event spaces suitable for corporate events and conferences.  Overlooking the pitch the spaces are ideal for  exhibitons, conferences, meetings, presentations, and networking events.
  • The O2 Arena (London): The O2 Arena is a world-class entertainment venue located in London’s Greenwich Peninsula. The venue offers a range of event spaces suitable for corporate events, including conference rooms, VIP suites, and hospitality lounges. The O2’s flexible event spaces can accommodate meetings, conferences, product launches, and networking events of all sizes.
  • Emirates Stadium (London): Emirates Stadium is the home of Arsenal Football Club. The venue provides contemporary conference rooms, hospitality suites, and event spaces with views of the pitch, perfect for meetings, seminars, and networking events.
  • Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium: Murrayfield Stadium, the home of Scottish Rugby, offers a range of event spaces suitable for corporate events and conferences.  Large event spaces with views of the pitch, ideal for  conferences and meetings and more.
  • Hampden Park (Glasgow): Hampden Park, the national football stadium of Scotland, also offers a variety of event spaces suitable for corporate events and conferences.

Tech Venues for Corporate Events:

code node tech venue

What if I am planning a tech event?  The UK is an attractive destination for tech conferences and events and is home to leading technology companies and boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure,

  • ExCeL London: Located in the heart of London’s Docklands, ExCeL London is one of the largest and most versatile event spaces in the UK. It offers over 100,000 square meters of flexible event space, including exhibition halls, conference rooms, and auditoriums. ExCeL regularly hosts major tech events such as London Tech Week, Cloud Expo Europe, and Data Centre World.
  • City Hall: Situated in the Royal Docks area of London, City Hall, formerly known as The Crystal is a sustainable events venue and home to Siemens’ global Centre of Competence for Cities. It features cutting-edge technology and interactive exhibits focused on urban sustainability and smart city solutions. The venue offers conference facilities, meeting rooms, and exhibition spaces ideal for tech-related events.
  • Manchester Central: Located in the heart of Manchester, Manchester Central is a world-class conference and exhibition center with over 23,000 square meters of event space. It hosts a variety of tech events, including conferences, expos, and industry summits. Manchester Central’s facilities include auditoriums, meeting rooms, and exhibition halls equipped with the latest technology.
  • The Vox: Situated within Resorts World Birmingham, The Vox is a purpose-built conference venue located adjacent to the NEC Birmingham. It offers modern event spaces equipped with advanced AV technology, high-speed Wi-Fi, and flexible seating arrangements. The Vox is an ideal choice for tech conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Techspace Shoreditch: Located in the heart of London’s tech hub, Techspace Shoreditch is a coworking and event space designed specifically for tech startups and scale-ups. It offers a range of meeting rooms, event spaces, and breakout areas equipped with high-speed internet, AV equipment, and whiteboard walls. Techspace regularly hosts tech events, networking meetups, and product launches.
  • CodeNode: Owned and operated by Skills Matter, CodeNode is Europe’s largest tech community venue located in the City of London. It offers a variety of event spaces, including auditoriums, conference rooms, and workshop areas, tailored to hosting developer conferences, tech meetups, and training sessions. CodeNode’s facilities are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to support interactive learning and collaboration.

Educational Institutions for Corporate Events:

university events spaces

The UK is renowned for its prestigious universities and research institutions, making it a great choice for academic conferences and symposiums. These educational venues offer a diverse range of options for corporate events, combining academic excellence with modern facilities and inspiring environments to create memorable and impactful experiences for attendees.

  • University of Oxford: Oxford offers a variety of conference venues across its historic colleges and buildings. From lecture theaters and seminar rooms to dining halls and gardens, Oxford provides a prestigious and picturesque setting for conferences and events.
  • University of Cambridge: Cambridge boasts modern conference facilities alongside its historic venues. The university offers a range of spaces suitable for conferences, meetings, and events, including lecture theaters, seminar rooms, and dining halls.
  • Imperial College London: Imperial College London offers conference facilities at its South Kensington campus in central London. The university provides state-of-the-art venues equipped with the latest technology for conferences, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • University College London (UCL): UCL offers conference and event facilities at its Bloomsbury campus in central London. The university provides a range of venues, including lecture theaters, meeting rooms, and historic spaces, suitable for conferences, receptions, and dinners.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): LSE offers conference facilities at its central London campus in Holborn. The university provides modern venues with flexible spaces for conferences, seminars, workshops, and corporate events.
  • Warwick Conferences: Warwick Conferences is part of the University of Warwick and offers conference facilities at its campus in Coventry. The venue provides a range of modern conference spaces, accommodation options, and catering services for conferences, meetings, and events.
  • Edinburgh First: Edinburgh First is the conference and events arm of the University of Edinburgh. The venue offers conference facilities across the university’s campuses in Edinburgh, providing a range of venues suitable for conferences, meetings, and events.
  • Glasgow University Conference and Events: Glasgow University offers conference and event facilities at its campus in Glasgow. The university provides a variety of venues, including historic buildings, modern conference centers, and outdoor spaces, suitable for conferences, meetings, and events.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless! Do get in contact if you need any help or advice on hosting an international event in the UK.

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