How to Be a Successful Venue Finder

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Successful venue finding is critical during event planning as it directly affects the event’s success, attendee experience, logistical efficiency, and overall satisfaction of all involved parties. A carefully selected venue enhances the event’s impact, making it a key element in event planning.

Being a successful venue finder involves a mix of skills, knowledge, and strategies to help clients find the perfect venue for their events.  Many large companies have their own in-house venue finding teams, but the process is the same whether you work for a venue finding agency or whether you are part of an in-house team. Here are some tips on how to become a successful venue finder:

Understand client needs:

Take the time to understand your client’s event requirements thoroughly. Discuss their preferences, budget, capacity requirements, location preferences, and any specific amenities they may need.

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Research and knowledge:

Build a comprehensive database of venues in various locations, including hotels, conference centres, event spaces, and unique venues. Stay updated with the latest trends in the event industry.


Establish strong relationships with venue owners, managers, and event planners. Networking will help you get insider information about available venues and negotiate better deals for your clients.

Communication skills:

Excellent communication is crucial in this role. Clearly convey information about venues to clients and negotiate terms effectively with venue owners and managers.


Think outside the box and consider unique venues that may suit your client’s event theme or style.  An unusual venue may have a bigger draw for their attendees.

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Attention to detail:

Pay close attention to all the details, such as the venue’s amenities, accessibility, parking facilities, and any restrictions that might affect the event.

Negotiation skills:

Be a skilled negotiator to secure the best rates and favourable terms for your clients.

Time management:

Respond promptly to client enquiries and carry out venue searches efficiently to meet tight deadlines.  Busy PAs and event planners will appreciate a quick turnaround time.

Technology and tools:

Use online platforms and software specifically designed for venue finding to streamline your search process.

Visit venues in person:

Whenever possible, visit the shortlisted venues to get a firsthand experience and assess if they meet your client’s requirements.

Budget management:

Be mindful of your client’s budget and recommend venues that align with their financial limitations.

Stay organised:

Keep track of all the venues you’ve researched and presented to various clients, ensuring that you don’t duplicate efforts or miss any opportunities.

Client focus:

Put your clients’ needs first and work to find venues that align with their vision and objectives for the event.

Follow up:

After your client selects a venue, follow up with the venue and your client to ensure that all arrangements are proceeding smoothly.

Ask for feedback:

Ask for feedback from your clients to continuously improve your services and offerings.

By combining these skills with a passion for event planning and a dedication to providing exceptional service, you can establish yourself as a successful venue finder in the event industry. Word-of-mouth referrals and satisfied clients will be the foundation of your success in this role.  Happy venue finding!

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