How to choose a venue post-covid


What do we need to look for when choosing a venue for an event post-covid?  Other than the most important factor of a sensible cancellation policy if government guidelines prevent the event taking place, there are other factors that you will need to consider.  Deciding on the right venue for a specific event can be very challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  It can take some time to find the right venue, but it can be a very rewarding exercise and yield a very successful event.

So, what constitutes an event venue?  The definition of an event venue can be endless, but in simple terms, an event venue is a location hosting an event.  Some venues are more common and widely used than others, but if you can let your creativity run wild you will find a never ending list of venues available to hire.


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What type of venue?

Many event planners already have a pre-conceived idea of the type of venue they want for their next meeting, conference or other event.  Traditionally a meeting room or hotel or conference centre spring to mind when envisioning the stage where large events are held, but in today’s world where making an impression and expressing your own style is so important, there are many newcomers on the traditional event stage.  Museums, yachts, theatres, sports stadiums, rooftops, universities and ballrooms provide a unique backdrop and help to create a unique atmosphere for all types of events.

A venue can make a huge impact on an event and finding the right location is the first key element in planning.  Finding the right one can make or break your event.  First of all think about the event – what is the main purpose of it?  Does it need to be in a typical meeting/conference room, or do you think you would get more people attending if you broke away from the norm?


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Where does it need to be?

Think also about the area – ideally it will be easily accessible by public transport and if not city centre, provide on-site or nearby parking to make it easy for all to attend.

What factors need to be taken into consideration?

How then do you decide on your venue?  The number of delegates attending will, in part, dictate the type of venue.  Another important factor is of course budget.  Whilst the traditional meeting room venues may offer good value for money, there are other venue options which are very different, which are also very cost effective.  Don’t think that because it is different that it is automatically going to cost you more, because nine times out of ten, it won’t.  Using a unique type of venue will be a big draw for your delegates who will be very keen to attend.

Whichever venue you choose must have appropriate space for the type of event you are planning:

Does the venue have enough space for your requirements?

Can the venue accommodate your technical needs eg production, AV, sound, entertainment?

Does the condition of the venue reflect the high standards of your organisation?

Consider the image of the venue and also the service – this can be the difference between holding a good event and staging a great event.  Dig around and read about the venue and it’s reputation for service and the ability to host good events.  Do the staff appear friendly and professional?  Are they showing that they can be flexible?  Do you feel that you will be treated like VIPs or will you just be another client?

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What food can the venue offer?

Another very important element is food.  Whilst most people don’t just attend for the food, it does play a vital part in producing a good event, so check to see what food is available and wherever possible ask for a tasting.

Depending on the desired outcome of the planned event, the selected venue can make a tremendous impact. Often guests leave with an overall impression based not only upon their sentiment provided by the atmosphere of the event, but also on the content of the event. The memories linger when an event provides a warm welcome and invites a personal connection to be obtained by the attendee. Finding the right venue location is a key element in planning the perfect event.


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