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How to get brilliant wedding photos on a rainy day

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The world-famous photographer Sam Abell once said, ‘bad weather makes good pictures’. If your wedding day is approaching, you’re sure to have your fingers crossed day and night, hoping for glorious weather. We all know, however, that this heat wave can’t possibly last forever, and thunderstorms are on the way again soon. If you’re fretting about horrible weather for your wedding photos – don’t panic! You could work that situation to your advantage.

The first thing to do is to buy an umbrella that matches your wedding dress. If your plans are only just beginning to take shape, it’s worth asking at the bridal shop where you buy your dress if they have any spare material – you can purchase it from them for a reasonable price, and have a personalised (but effective) umbrella made for you. A couple under one umbrella during a storm has a subtle poetic significance, no?

Using simple lighting tricks and a good angle, an experienced photographer will be able to achieve epic shots of you and your partner in the rain. You won’t get that wet, especially if you have your umbrella, but you won’t be outdoors for long – and you will be left with unique, artistic and interesting frames, which can be very eye-catching and dramatic.

Light being reflected from the water on the ground also makes for beautiful pictures, as does streetlights in the rain, and shimmering leaves and flowers. Ask your photographer to take lot of pictures in black and white, for a Hollywood feel and look. None of us dream of having rain on our wedding day, but in olde England it was believed to be lucky to marry in wet weather! Celebrate the contrast in colour of a storm cloud against a white gown, or the striking effect of light through water. Don’t let the weather get you down – you can still achieve stunning photos with a little imagination and optimism!


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