How to Negotiate the Best Deal when Booking an Event Venue


Negotiating the best deal when booking an event venue requires careful planning, effective communication, and strategic decision-making. There are specialist venue finding agencies who specialise in negotiations, but if you want to do it yourself, here are some steps to help you negotiate the best deal:

Research and gather information:

Before entering into negotiations, gather as much information as possible about the venue, including its availability, pricing, amenities, and any previous deals or promotions. This knowledge will empower you during negotiations.

Define your requirements and priorities:

Clearly articulate your event requirements, such as the desired date, duration, capacity, layout, audiovisual needs, catering options, and any additional services. Determine your budget and prioritise your needs to focus on the most important aspects.

Identify alternative options:

Explore multiple venue options and compare their offerings. Having alternatives will give you leverage during negotiations and prevent you from being overly dependent on a single venue.

Book in advance:

Contact the venue well in advance to secure your desired date. By booking early, you increase your chances of getting a better deal and securing the venue at a lower price.

Book multiple events:

If you have multiple events planned, consider booking them with the same venue. Discuss the possibility of a long-term agreement or multiple-event contract. Bundling multiple events may make you eligible for discounts or more favorable terms.

Consider off-peak days and times:

Enquire about off-peak days and times when demand is lower. Venues may offer discounted rates or additional perks for events held during less busy periods. Flexibility with your event date can lead to significant cost savings.

Negotiate on multiple fronts:

When negotiating, consider various aspects beyond the venue rental fee. These may include:

  • Rental fee: Negotiate the best possible price for the venue rental. Highlight any flexible or off-peak dates when demand might be lower, allowing for potential discounts.
  • Inclusions and exclusions: Discuss what is included in the rental fee, such as furniture, audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi access, parking, and cleaning services. Clarify any items or services that are excluded and assess whether they are essential or can be obtained elsewhere at a lower cost.
  • Contract terms and conditions: Carefully review the contract terms and negotiate clauses that may be unfavorable, such as cancellation policies, payment schedules, and liability provisions. Seek to make the terms more flexible and aligned with your needs.
  • Customisation and upgrades: Explore the possibility of customizing the venue to suit your event requirements. Negotiate any additional services or upgrades, such as decor, lighting, or special setups, and assess their impact on the overall cost.
  • Packages and discounts: Enquire about any package deals or discounted rates available for specific days, multiple bookings, or long-term commitments.

Leverage your event’s value:

Highlight the potential value your event will bring to the venue, such as publicity, increased foot traffic, or potential for repeat bookings. Emphasize any unique aspects of your event that make it attractive for both the venue and attendees.

Be prepared to walk away:

If negotiations reach a deadlock or the terms are not favourable, be prepared to consider alternative venues. Demonstrating your willingness to explore other options can often lead to more favourable terms from the venue.

Review and finalise the contract:

Carefully review the negotiated terms and conditions before finalising the contract. Seek legal advice if necessary to ensure all details are accurate and protect your interests.

Remember, effective negotiation is a collaborative process where both parties seek a mutually beneficial outcome. Maintain a respectful and professional approach, listen actively, and be open to compromise to achieve the best deal for your event venue.  If after reading all of this it sounds too exhausting, then call a reputable venue finder who will be only too happy to do the negotiations for you at no cost whatsoever.


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