How to use AR and VR for Events


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and compelled entire processes to go digital, virtual event planning had started gaining traction all over the world. Out of the different tools and technologies available at hand for augmenting event experiences, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have emerged as the hottest trends for experimentation, immersion, and revolution.


AR and VR have the potential to completely change the way events are conducted. From visitor experience to overall management, AR and VR technologies are also helping businesses discover innovative ways of interacting with potential customers at these events and displaying their brand profiles and products.

At the same time, the availability of affordable equipment and the opening up of the world in the wake of the pandemic is further boosting several pioneering use cases of AR and VR for events. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to incorporate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for events across industries.

Event Training and Planning

Staff training and event planning methods can see a much-needed boost when using VR and AR-based 3D representations of the event area, schedules, movements, and tasks. VR apps can be leveraged to help staff make on-demand, urgent decisions that can be supervised in real-time. AR and 3D modeling can be used to practice on-ground scenarios beforehand to avoid complexities on the main day.

Boosting Event Engagement and Experience

Facilitating Smooth Navigation for Visitors

It can be a bit intimidating to find your way to halls/rooms/specific event venues events when you are visiting a large complex for the first time. This is where AR and VR can help attendees in the form of a hassle-free, personalized guide to pinpoint where they want to go – and how to get there. Using a blend of indoor mapping technology and AR/VR, digital wayfinding based on interactive floor plans and maps can be easily arranged for.

Gamifying Event Experiences

Event gamification is a fast-developing use case for AR and VR in the events industry that allows organizers to arrest the attention of visitors with enhanced networking and entertainment opportunities. You can set up stations for friendly competition where participants can compete in AR games or go on VR digital scavenger hunts. Interactive components like gaming zones could prove to be a huge motivator and icebreaker for networking among attendees, and can help foster new relationships – something they will always remember your event for!

Networking and Connectivity

Successful networking opportunities are the backbone of any event. By helping visitors connect and interact with one another using AR and VR, event managers can ensure an authentic yet well-managed networking experience for all. Making an attendee’s professional information available at a single click? Check. Helping connect like-minded or like-industry professionals? Check. Allowing participants to explore companies and individuals based on their areas of interest? Check!

Brand Profile Enrichment

Augmenting Product Exhibitions

To fit all the products, especially if they are large ones, businesses are forced to hire huge spaces in trade fairs. This entails paying a substantial rental fee for a facility large enough to hold such an event. A tried-and-true approach is provided by AR and 3D modelling. A company’s whole product line, including life-size, 360-degree views of cars, manufacturing equipment, interior design, large furniture and décor items, among others, may be explored and interacted with up close by visitors.

Extending Outreach and Communications

With the help of augmented reality, event planners may soon be able to set up virtual tour guides at their site or give attendees virtual tours. These attention-grabbing AR experiences can be leveraged to reach and impact not just those audiences who are enjoying virtual content on the event venue, but even those who are present remotely.

Attracting Sponsors

Use augmented and virtual reality’s engagement-boosting capabilities to highlight your sponsors at events and draw in new sponsorships. Such state-of-the-art interactive AR and VR displays will enable you to upsell your sponsors much more successfully, improve engagement, and increase conversion rates. The chance of securing even better sponsorships for upcoming events will rise as a result. Vendors will perceive the same appeal, improving the pool of potential suppliers for business networking events and trade exhibits.

The Future of Events is Here, With AR and VR

Audiences define a great and memorable event as one that has the ability to entertain, educate, and connect people – no matter where they are (an addition that the pandemic has brought into the picture!) AR and VR technologies have entirely revolutionized how events can be planned and experienced in the present and the future. The sky is the limit when event planners combine these technologies with creative content, effective communications, and a great event agenda.

That is why we would highly recommend you incorporate augmented and virtual reality into your next event! Would you like to learn more about this integration? Get in touch with our experts at Function Fixers and witness for yourself how AR and VR can transform your upcoming event!



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