How Venues Can Support Experience-First Events


An experience-first approach to events is increasingly important in 2024 for a number of reasons. With fierce competition in almost every industry, offering a superior experience can be a key differentiator in getting people to attend. Companies that prioritise creating memorable and engaging experiences set themselves apart from competitors who focus solely on product features or price.

Today’s consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, value experiences over material possessions. They seek out brands and businesses that offer unique, authentic, and immersive experiences that resonate with their values and interests.

Experience-first refers to an approach where the primary focus of an event, product, service, or interaction is on creating a memorable and engaging experience for the participants or users. In essence, it prioritises the emotional and sensory aspects of the encounter over purely functional or transactional elements.

Planning an experience-first event involves creating an immersive journey that captivates attendees from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond mere participation.

Venues play a crucial role in supporting experience-first events by providing the physical space and amenities necessary to bring the event vision to life. Here are several ways venues can support such events:


Venues that offer flexible layouts and configurations allow event planners to customise the space to suit the specific needs and theme of the experience-first event. This might include versatile room setups, movable walls, and outdoor spaces that can be transformed to accommodate different activities and atmospheres.


The ambiance of a venue sets the tone for the entire event. Conference venues with unique architectural features, stylish decor, and customisable lighting options can enhance the overall atmosphere and create a memorable setting that aligns with the event’s theme and objectives.

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Technology Integration:

Modern venues equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, high-speed internet access, and interactive technology capabilities enable event organisers to incorporate immersive experiences, digital displays, and live streaming to engage attendees and enhance the event experience.


Venues that prioritise accessibility ensure that all attendees, regardless of mobility or special needs, can fully participate in the event. This includes wheelchair accessibility, designated parking, accessible restrooms, and assistive technology accommodations.

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On-Site Services:

Venues that offer comprehensive on-site services, such as catering, event planning assistance, security, and technical support, simplify the planning process for event organisers and ensure seamless execution on the day of the event.

Environmental Sustainability:

Venues that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendliness align with the values of many experience-first events focused on creating positive social and environmental impacts. This might include energy-efficient facilities, waste reduction initiatives, and eco-friendly catering options.


The location of the venue can significantly impact the overall experience of the event. Venues situated in vibrant urban areas, scenic natural settings, or culturally rich neighbourhoods offer additional opportunities for exploration and immersion, enhancing the overall event experience for attendees.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Venues that are willing to collaborate with event organisers and vendors to brainstorm creative ideas, troubleshoot logistical challenges, and execute innovative concepts contribute to the success of experience-first events by fostering a spirit of partnership and cooperation.

By prioritising flexibility, ambiance, technology integration, accessibility, on-site services, sustainability, location, and collaborative partnerships, venues can effectively support experience-first events and help create memorable and impactful experiences for attendees.  When planning an experience-first event, remember to create an immersive journey that captivates attendees from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond mere participation.


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