5 Ideas for Christmas Activities

crime and dine

Do you prefer to have a traditional Christmas party with dinner and entertainment? Or would you rather incorporate some fun activities for your colleagues or friends as well?  We have a number of great ideas for Christmas Activities. Some of these can be done in your office or your home, but for some you will also need a venue which we can easily arrange for you.

christmas party activities

Cryst-mas Maze

Inspired by one of the UK’s favourite television shows The Crystal Maze. You and your colleagues become intrepid adventurers engaging in a fearsome battle with the forces of fate to earn precious time crystals. The more time crystals you win, the more time teams get to spend inside the Crystal Dome.


The event space will be set up with the giant crystal dome in the centre, surrounded by the four adventure zones with the iconic crystal maze theme music playing in the background. On arrival, the group will be greeted by the event host, The Maze Master, who will split everybody into teams and guide them to their first challenge.
The Challenges will range from whole team activities to individual challenges. These will range from various amounts of different activities, all with the aim to try and complete them as quickly as possible to win Christmas presents. The more Christmas presents won the longer the amount of time that can be spent in the inflatable dome and grab for gold!
Example games:
Present Pyramid – Teams must work out how to re-build the present on an opposite space without placing a larger present on top of a smaller present.
Tree-mendous – Teams follow instructions from teammates in order to assemble and decorate a Christmas tree whilst blindfolded!
Christmas Robbin’ – Teams share information in order to solve the mystery of who stole the Christmas presents
Beer Goggles – Teams attempt to prepare themselves a festive tipple while wearing googles that make everything look upside down
Jingle Bells – Teams co-ordinate themselves to play a Christmas tune on the hand bells.

The Christmas Show

A game show with a difference. This high-energy, interactive Christmas activity is a great way to bond with colleagues and boost morale. The professional, comical host will kick off the event with some fun energisers to get the group relaxed and into the Christmas spirit. Then it’s onto the quiz, with each hilarious round inspired by different Christmas references. This event can be enjoyed during the day or across a dinner in between courses.


The rules are explained then the teams compete head to head in a variety of ‘something for everyone’ games. Some games last 10 seconds, nothing lasts more than a few minutes, all complimented by impressive audio, visuals and festivity.
Games are a mixture of the familiar with a twist like ‘Play your celebrity cards right’ or ‘This is your life’ (we have the red book but the question is about surviving in the woods!), to ‘on trend’… The Tinder round (do you swipe to the left or right?) or Location, location, location (where we look at a property and guess it’s value).
The infectious quality of energy created in the room guarantees everyone is involved and feeling festive. It’s an evening carefully choreographed to be classy and fun, not forced, cheesy and awkward (the mistake of most corporate evening events!).

crime and dine

Christmas Crime & Dine

The CEO of Buckley Casinos has been found murdered in his casino. Complete with casino themed clues, this exciting and entertaining evening ‘crime and dine’ experience will create a memorable event for all. Investigate a crime over a meal. This is a very popular and fun evening or lunchtime event.


The forensic expert will outline the crime at the beginning of the event. You will be guided through the different stages of the investigation between and after courses. The experience starts with a briefing from our team, it’s then time to get stuck into the murder. You will have to try your hand at: Fingerprinting, Dusting items for criminal prints and other forensic activities. Are you up for the challenge and solve the mystery – who killed Buckley?

Christmas Movie Madness

Do you have a creative team?

This creative team building experience allows you and your colleagues to plan, choreograph, shoot or rein-act a Christmas movie of their choice. With plenty of jobs in front of the camera and behind the scenes, this event caters for everyone. Requiring visual thinking, planning, leadership, creativity and more, this event will enhance your teamwork skills and you may even discover a hidden talent.


Upon arrival, each team is given an iPad with additional wide-angle lenses, microphones, lighting and user-friendly editing software. You’ll then be given time to brainstorm your movie ideas, scenes, locations and roles. Don’t forget to visit the prop store to pick out high quality costumes and props. Teams will then head to their location to start filming. The event concludes with a screening where the audience votes for their winners.


Recreating an iconic Christmas movie scene or a short-film version of your favourite Christmas film is a popular choice. Got an idea of your own? Simply get in touch before the event to create a unique activity.

cook for the homeless

Cook for the Homeless

There are always people who are less fortunate than us, so how about doing something amazing this Christmas?

You’ll prepare different recipes under the guidance of professional chefs, who’ll be on hand with advice, tips and techniques to ensure you make the tastiest food possible. Want to do something good and charitable? Many voluntary homeless shelters in the UK provide resources which encourage, inspire and challenge homeless people to transform their lives. You will make double portions, these will be donated to homeless shelters.


The workshop begins with a lively introduction and demonstration from the event’s Head Chef. In teams, you’ll then be guided through a series of activities and recipes, learning new techniques and skills. With expert advice, each group will design and create a range of unique Christmas themed dishes to tempt everyone. Equipment and fresh ingredients are provided for every team. Once you’ve finished cooking, dishes are presented ready for judging and of course tasting!

We have many more ideas for Christmas activities for you to choose from.  Get in touch with us today for details and prices.

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