Mediation Venues in London

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London offers a wide range of mediation venues, each catering to different needs and preferences. These venues can vary depending on factors such as the nature of the dispute, the number of participants, and budget considerations. Here are some notable mediation venues in London:

CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution):

CEDR is one of the most renowned mediation institutions in the UK and offers a variety of comfortable and well-equipped mediation rooms in their offices near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC):

IDRC is centrally located near St Pauls and provides modern mediation facilities.  There are 70 rooms in total, including 18 main rooms and over 40 retirement rooms.  It’s known for its flexibility and professionalism.

Arundel House:

Spacious and light meeting rooms in central London. They offer in-house catering and state-of-the-art AV facilities.

The Law Society:

The Law Society in Chancery Lane has mediation rooms available for rent. It’s a convenient option for legal professionals.

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CIEE Global:

Located in Bloomsbury, CIEE have 20 meeting rooms for up to 54 people.

Arbitration and Mediation Centre at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC):

The ICC in London offers mediation facilities for international disputes and is highly regarded for its professionalism.

Woburn House:

The impressive Woburn Hall comes with full AV included.  Along with 7 more smaller rooms, Woburn House is the perfect solution for a larger mediation or arbitration.

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 WeWork and &Meetings :

WeWork have 49 locations across London. They offer meeting rooms for hire by the hour and the day or for longer, which can be a cost-effective option for smaller mediations. &Meetings also have meeting rooms for hire in London and Birmingham.

Broadway House:

Ideally located in SW1, Broadway House is the perfect location for mediations large or small, with 14 meeting rooms and full AV provided.

University Meeting Rooms:

Some London universities, such as King’s College London or the London School of Economics, offer meeting room hire, which can be suitable for academic or research-related mediations.

Virtual Mediation Platforms:

With the advent of virtual mediation, you can also consider using online platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for mediations, especially when participants are located in different parts of the world. There are also a number of companies offering virtual mediation platforms.

When choosing a mediation venue in London, consider factors like location, cost, the number of participants, technological requirements, and the specific needs of the dispute. There are a huge number of venues to choose from.

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