The perfect London venue for your Winter Garden Party


The Hoxton chain is a truly unique family of hotels.  With venues in London, Paris, NYC and Amsterdam, it seems that Hoxtons only pop in the trendiest and most forward-thinking cities, and you certainly won’t come across one in any kind of drab or quiet area.  The London hotel is located in the heart in one of the city’s most desirable areas – Shoreditch – and the establishment implies a strict ‘no fuss’ policy.  This means familiar, quality food & drink, straightforward but beautifully designed bedrooms, a down-to-earth staff and contemporary, comfortable meeting rooms.  It also has the advantage of having a lush green courtyard Garden Room that has been specifically designed to host parties all year round!


Your guests will enter the building via the street entrance, where they will be greeted by a member of staff, two very large bronze greyhound statues, and an enormous bustling Lobby with exposed brick walls, fireplace, contemporary mish-mash furniture and a lively soundtrack.  Then, they will be lead through the main space into the cleverly designed (and surprisingly tranquil) Garden Room, which can host up to 100 people in one sitting.


This space boasts a stunning central feature – a large, ancient-looking tree with lanterns and lights dangling from its limbs.  The glass walls look into the main restaurant space, but subtle blinds have been cleverly put in place to immediately create a sense of seclusion and privacy if needed.


All of the supporting columns have leafy climbers densely fastened around them so they give the illusion of being smaller trees, and there are flowerbeds with colourful flora dotted all around the space.  The mood lighting makes this a popular choice for wedding receptions, and the neutral white stone tables, wicker chairs and textured tiled floor complete the ‘luxury garden party’ look.

You’re welcome to theme the Garden Room with artificial snow, candles, ornaments and decorations – and although this space already has a lot of details and elements, it seems to look better and better the more it’s adapted to suit personal tastes.  That’s what makes a great blank canvas venue – yet, happily, the room still looks stylish and atmospheric when stripped back to the basics.


This is an undeniably attractive space, but on a practical note, it’s also a highly efficient venue for a winter garden party.  The retractable glass roof stays on for most of the winter, but you do have the option to remove it should you want to see the stars directly instead of through the conservatory-style roof.   The fairy lights that string from the trees to the walls are weatherproof and able to cope with the cold, as are all the plants and furniture.  The heaters are placed at foot level for effective distribution of warmth, and it is entirely possible to have an open-air party here in the depths of winter.  It’s quite a bizarre experience to have snow fall on your head when you’re actually comfortably warm!


For accommodation, 210 incredible rooms are available here and feature amazing, geeks-will-implode-with-joy accessories such as Pac Man and or Space Invader pillows (eeeee!!), free WiFi, an hour’s free phone calls from your room, an inexpensive minibar and quite astounding TV and computer facilities. This is a Standard Double…


The room service is great, too – but they won’t be thinking about that having stuffed their faces full of the stunning bowl food, canapés, buffet or sit-down meal you’ll have provided them with earlier…or just loads of cocktails and wine.  Whatever kind of menu you’d like, the Hoxton can provide it until 2am on any given night.

Call Function Fixers now to arrange a free site visit, and you could also WIN an iPad mini 3 in time for Christmas!


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