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Top tips on planning an eco friendly event

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The green boardroom

At Function Fixers, we have a wealth of experience to help our clients find their ideal event space, whether you’re looking to organise a business meeting or conference, or a private celebration. With a huge database of venues at our disposal, our team can seek out sustainable venues that truly align with your corporate values. Call us on 020 7186 8686 to find out more.

How can you minimise the impact of your event on the environment? It’s not as difficult as you may think. With a bit of thought and effort, it’s amazing what difference you can make to ensure that your business event is sustainable.

Go paperless

Save resources by emailing digital invites and info packs, sharing handouts electronically and using an app to help your delegates manage and navigate the event from their smartphone. Rethinking your paper policy in this way allows you to minimise (or eliminate) the use of print.

Recycle and reuse

Buy biodegradable tableware for convenience and eco friendliness, and make sure plenty of recycling points are provided that your delegates can use. Alternatively, why not go back to traditional china and metal cutlery that can be reused time and again?

Reduce food waste

It is tempting to err on the side of caution when it comes to mass event catering. But food waste is not only frowned upon, in landfill it is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Much better to tailor the volume of food to the number of attendees, and donate any leftovers to charity.

Stay local

Support the local economy and minimise your carbon footprint, starting with the venue itself. Reduce travel times and costs by choosing event space that’s local to your attendees, and use videoconferencing for those who live too far. Food should be local and seasonal.

Offer sustainable travel

Choose a venue with great public transport links and encourage your delegates to leave the car at home. If that’s not possible, promoting car sharing, or organising minibuses or group taxis from the nearest station will help to cut down on CO2 emissions.

Seek out a sustainable venue

The easiest way to organise a ‘green’ business event is to choose a venue with a strong sustainability policy and a real commitment to the environment. This might incorporate elements such as zero carbon buildings, solar or heat pump energy, grey water harvesting, local organic farming.


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