Unusual Team Building Ideas

taming of the throne

Over the past couple of years team building for corporates has taken a back seat for obvious reasons.  However, we can never under-estimate the importance of getting staff engaged and working with each other to solve problems using different tools and strategies.  Frequently in our daily lives we come up against organisational challenges. Working together as a team in a team building environment can help to cement strong working relationships which can only be a positive thing.

Here are a few ideas for some activities that can be held indoors or outdoors, in a city or in the country, dependent on your circumstances:

Survival Island

A Survival Island team-building event is an exciting and challenging activity that requires participants to work together to survive a deserted island. The event simulates a survival scenario where the team must work together to overcome obstacles and challenges, using their problem-solving and survival skills.

survival island team building

Throughout the event, teams will face various challenges, such as finding and collecting resources, building structures, and navigation. These challenges are designed to test the team’s ability to work together, communicate effectively, and use their individual strengths to overcome obstacles.

survival island team building

The Survival Island team-building event is an excellent way to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Participants learn to rely on each other’s strengths and support each other in a challenging environment. The event is also a great way to build trust and improve relationships among team members.

Taming of the Throne

Come experience our legendary Taming of the Throne, which boasts an abundance of cheating and plotting that even the most skilled swordsmen would struggle to match. While our event may have a touch less sauciness than the show, it takes you on a thrilling journey back in time, enabling you to transform your team into true champions. 

taming of the throne

Our Medieval Madness selection offers a range of challenges that test your brainpower, physical strength, and teamwork skills. You’ll have the chance to construct trebuchets, storm our colossal Medieval castle, practice jousting, and even build a Suit of Armour while blindfolded! 

In addition to these challenges, we also offer mind-bending labyrinth puzzles and archery competitions, making this a top-tier choice for team-building events. So don your tabard and brace yourself for a journey into the dark world of Westeros, where your house will compete for the ultimate prize: the Throne.

Chain Reaction

Chain reaction is a fun, collaborative team-building event where teams work together to create part of a mechanical story which must work with others in the chain.

chain reaction

Each team will be given different sections of a story and access to equipment to build apparatus which not only connects to their story, but also interlinks with the other team’s story in a chain reaction, resulting in a complete story. In order to successfully complete their task, each team must complete cryptic clues, communicate efficiently and collaborate with their surrounding teams.

chain reaction

Chain Reaction is a great event to help improve your team’s collaboration and understand the bigger picture. The fun story builds morale and help your teams reach their potential – a truly original break away from the office.

Kidnap your MD

A Kidnap your MD team-building event is a unique and exciting activity that encourages creativity, teamwork, and collaboration among participants. The premise of the event is that the managing director (MD) of the company has been “kidnapped,” and the participants must work together to solve a series of challenges and puzzles to secure their release.

kidnap md

At the start of the event, participants are divided into teams and given a set of challenges and tasks to complete. These challenges may include deciphering codes, solving puzzles, and gathering clues to locate the kidnapped MD. The challenges are designed to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills among participants.

As participants work through the challenges, they must collaborate and strategise to develop a plan to secure the release of the kidnapped MD. The event provides an opportunity for participants to work outside of their usual roles and interact with colleagues they may not typically work with, promoting team bonding and collaboration.

These are just a few ideas for you – if you are looking for inspiration for your next team building event, contact us today.

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