When would Event Planners Choose a Dry Hire Venue?

unique dry hire venue

Event planners might choose a dry hire venue for a variety of reasons, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the event they are organising. Dry hire refers to a venue hire arrangement where the space is hired as a totally blank canvas.   No additional services or amenities are provided by the venue itself. There are a number of reasons why an event planner might opt for a dry hire venue:

Flexibility and Customisation:

Dry hire venues allow event planners to have complete control over the event’s setup, design, and flow. This level of flexibility is particularly appealing when the event has a unique theme, specific layout requirements, or special décor needs.

dry hire venue


Renting a dry hire venue can often be more cost-effective compared to full-service venues. Event planners can allocate their budget to areas that matter most to their clients. These could include entertainment, catering, and decor, rather than paying for in-house services they may not need.

Preferred Vendors:

Some event planners and clients have preferred suppliers they like to work with for catering, audiovisual services, decoration, and more. Choosing a dry hire venue allows them to bring in their trusted suppliers, ensuring high-quality services and a seamless experience.

Unique Atmosphere:

Dry hire venues are often chosen for their unique and distinctive atmospheres. Historic buildings, art galleries, warehouses, and outdoor spaces can provide a special ambiance that complements the event’s theme or purpose.

dry hire venue


Events that require a high degree of privacy or exclusivity, such as corporate meetings, private parties, or confidential gatherings, may benefit from a dry hire venue. With control over the guest list and event environment, event planners can ensure a secure and intimate setting.

Branding and Identity:

Some events, especially corporate events and product launches, may require a specific branding and identity that extends to the event space. A dry hire venue allows for complete branding customisation to align with the event’s message and goals.

DIY Approach:

For event planners who enjoy a hands-on approach and have the resources to manage all aspects of the event themselves, a dry hire venue provides the canvas for them to implement their vision.

dry hire venue

Networking Opportunities:

In certain cases, event planners may choose dry hire venues for their capacity to accommodate larger crowds. These venues can facilitate networking events, conferences, and trade shows where attendees can move around freely and interact.

Educational Workshops:

Dry hire venues can be ideal for workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Event planners can set up the space to accommodate various learning formats and create an environment conducive to focused learning.

Experiential Events:

For events that focus on providing a unique and immersive experience, such as art installations, pop-up shops, and interactive exhibits, a dry hire venue can offer the creative freedom needed to design a memorable event.

Overall, the choice of a dry hire venue depends on the event planner’s vision, the event’s goals, and the specific needs of the occasion. While dry hire venues offer greater flexibility and customisation, they also require more planning and coordination to ensure all logistical aspects are managed effectively.

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