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Where to go on a first date?

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First dates have always been a nerve-racking experience. In these mode times, things move quickly, and people take first impressions more seriously than ever before. The last twenty years or so have seen revolutions in the way we meet each other – inteet dating, speed dating, forums, single’s bars, the list goes on and on. Everyone, though, occasionally goes out for the first time with someone whom they’re genuinely excited about. Where you go for this all-important first date can be a tricky decision, but with some thought and forward planning, you could find a destination that suits your personality, and the situation. If you’ve been asked to suggest a venue, here are a few things to consider.

If you’re a little shy, it can be wise to go somewhere with provided entertainment. Live music, comedy and theatre are always great nights out, and it does give you an excuse to divert your mutual attention if conversation starts feeling a little awkward. Booking tickets doesn’t have to be expensive, and simply going to the city and choosing a play or concert to watch together can tell you a lot about a person – the added bonus being the fun of going to Leicester Square and poking around the ticket booths, to see what last-minute treats London has on offer on that particular evening.

If you know that conversation will flow readily, then a restaurant is the obvious choice. Think carefully about what kind of food you’d like to eat, how well you know the area, and most importantly, involve the other person thoroughly in the final decision on where to book. It can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy their evening if you both love the food on offer. Agreeing you both love seafood, or a rare Argentinian steak, breaks the ice and makes for equal enjoyment.

If you’ve agreed to just meet up for a drink, then consider what might appeal to the other person. Don’t be afraid to ask – believe it or not, there are people among who hate pubs. While it seems a good idea to go to your local where everyone knows your name, and you might get the odd bit of special treatment, this can often make someone else feel alienated. The last thing you want is people you know intruding on your privacy. This date is about getting to know the other person – dedicate your time to them! Cocktail bars are a good way of providing topics of initial conversation from exotic menus, and hotel bars are comfortable and sophisticated. Branch out a little – what do you think they’d like?

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