4 ways to put sustainability at the heart of your event


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Wherever you hold a business event, it will have a direct consequence on the local, regional and global environment. If you take your social responsibility seriously, there are lots of ways to minimise this environmental impact. In fact, with a bit of effort on everyone’s part, corporate event planning and sustainability can – and should – go hand in hand.

Putting a bit of thought into how you use resources is all that’s required to make a big difference. What’s more, when it comes to choosing a suitable event space for your conference, team building day or client meeting, Function Fixers can help you find a ‘green’ venue where your sustainability efforts are not only recognised but appreciated and actively supported.

Here’s what you can do to make your event as eco friendly as possible.

1 – Rethink your paper policy to minimise the use of print or eliminate it altogether

• Are notes and handouts really necessary when presentations can be viewed on a laptop or large scale projector screen, and shared electronically?
• Rather than sending out printed invites, welcome packs and programmes, why not email the documents instead?
• Use an app to provide essential travel and timetable information and set up an online registration system and follow-up.

2 – Recycle and reuse resources where possible

• Use real china plates/cups and metal cutlery for food and drink, or order in recycled materials where you can.
• Reduce waste by having clearly marked and signposted recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass that your delegates can use.
• Make the most of natural daylight in preference to artificial lighting, or even use outdoor spaces where feasible. Switch off lights and computer equipment when not in use.

3 – Choose a location to minimise your carbon footprint

• Reduce travel costs and commuting times by choosing a venue closer to your guests or delegates. Investigate tele conferencing or video conferencing options for those who live far away from the venue.
• Favour venues that have good public transport links, or organise mini buses or group taxis from the nearest train station, in an effort to discourage the use of private cars and cut emissions.

4 – Seek out a venue with a credible sustainability policy

• If possible, find a venue with a certified environmental management system such as ISO 14001 or BS 8555:2016 and/or a venue that is registered with the Eco Management & Audit Scheme (EMAS).
• Check if the venue uses energy efficient heating, ventilation and lighting systems, with preference given to natural and renewable building and maintenance methods such as solar panels, ground source heat pumps, or biomass boilers.
• Ideally, recycling should go beyond providing separate containers for waste materials. Look for a commitment to more complex systems such as grey water harvesting and zero carbon buildings.
• Does the venue have preferred catering suppliers who uses local, organic ingredients and sustainable practices? If not, check if you can use your own caterers.

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Function Fixers have over 25 years’ experience in helping clients find the perfect venue for their corporate event. With a vast database of venues to draw from, our team has the expertise to seek out sustainable venues that align with your corporate values. Why not give our team a call today on 020 7186 8686 to see how we can help?

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