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We’ve put together three top tips on how to pull off the big day on a minimum budget. You really can save yourself a small fortune…

  • Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune. There are hundreds of companies online that specialize in making bulk orders of realistic faux flowers, and some even makes sashes, table decorations and accessories in your chosen style and themes.  Many of these companies will send you a sample before you purchase, and getting it all delivered at once, in bulk, will save so much time. Simply open the boxes, have a look, seal them up again and store them until the big day arrives.
  • Elegant, tasty, good quality food is a staple of any memorable wedding. Self-catering is certainly the cheapest way to go, although it does involve quite a lot of organization. Hiring a small team of caterers to execute the cooking, serving and cleaning up is a must, so you don’t have to worry about all that while you enjoy the party. Nothing is worse than cleaning dishes before heading up to your honeymoon suite! Go to local recruitment agencies to supply you with experienced but inexpensive staff, and have a look at farmer’s markets for bargain bulk prices on organic food.
  • The dress is all-important. They say that a woman betrothed is a woman obsessed, and can spend hours upon hours gazing at designer gowns for the fantasy wedding. Don’t torture yourself – if you can’t afford to really splash out, there are other options available. Vintage wedding dresses are all the rage at the moment, and you can pick one up online for anywhere between £50-£500. Simply have it tailored and customized for a relatively small price, et viola! A beautiful, individual, chic dress that fits you perfectly and looks good as new. It has, after all, only been wo once before, but nobody has to know that… 


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