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How to Hold a Successful Themed Party

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There’s no better place to be on a warm sunny day than England. Perhaps because it happens so rarely, perhaps because it makes you really notice the beautiful flora and fauna on display, or maybe it’s just because it puts even grumpiest of Brits into a good mood. We’ve even won Wimbledon – in the sunshine no less! There’s a rare thing indeed that deserves to be celebrated – and themed parties are happening up and down the country, amongst the smell of barbecues and Pimms. Here are three tips on how to pull off a successful themed party, which everyone will enjoy.

  • Don’t expect too much out of your guests’ costumes. Try to invite them with a ‘no pressure’ attitude; this will make everyone feel a lot more comfortable. Inevitably, there will be some guests who go the extra mile and really get creative! Be one of them – it is your party, after all!


  • Put some thought into the food. A few light touches can really make all the difference – reflect the theme in small touches. Make a cake and decorate it accordingly, or perhaps add decorative descriptions to add to fingerfood, that are inkeeping with the theme. Going all-out with decorating the table makes a big difference and gets everyone in the mood.


  • Music creates an atmosphere more quickly and effectively than anything else. Put some real thought into your playlist, and do some research on songs that embody your theme. iTunes has almost everything on offer, and it’s always good to have something a bit different, perhaps even humorous, to really get the party in full swing! 

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