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Late Night Wedding Venues

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A late-night wedding is held by those who simply can’t stop partying by midnight. While there are couples who want nothing more than to get away to their suite, and others who have had their celebrations all day, there are some amongst us who just won’t stop there.

Having a wedding in a late night venue can be an expensive business. The most obvious solution to having as much freedom as you like is to hire a private house in the country, where you won’t be overlooked and the noise won’t bother anybody. Often, however, hiring this kind of venue can be astronomically expensive, but it is so worth it. The flexibility on offer is unbeatable, and everyone can really let that hair down.

If your wedding party is over a younger vintage, have you considered hiring a plot of land, putting a marquee on it for the reception, and then, while giving the less robust amongst them the option to stay in local B&B’s, your guests have space to  camp?  A slightly risky strategy considering our unpredictable weather system, but a very cost-effective way of making sure they party goes on all night and nobody has to drive! If you have money in your budget left over, you can hire luxury tents, hotel-style portaloos and safe fire making equipment – something the festival goers know as ‘glamping’. 

You can hire nightclubs exclusively, but this needs to be well in advance and they might only be available on weekdays.  A good all round option, as you can have your reception in the club with tables and chairs for a meal, then have them cleared away to reveal a massive and ready-made dance floor. You also have more options to personalize lighting and decorations, and are guaranteed a private outside (smoking) area.

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