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Where do we stand with COVID right now?

21st October 2021,
Where do we stand currently with COVID?  There are so many articles and rumours around that it is difficult to know exactly what is what. What is really happening? Currently we are in the Government’s Plan A, but what exactly is Plan A? Plan A is the winter strategy currently in operation in England: offering Covid booster jabs to about 30 million people offering healthy 12 to 15-year-olds a single vaccine dose encouraging unvaccinated people to get…

Six of the Best Unusual Christmas Parties 2021

30th September 2021,
This year the company Christmas party holds much more importance than usual.  Colleagues and friends have hardly seen each other since the pandemic began. Yes, you may be back in the office again now, but it's not the same as socialising outside of work. You can't beat a good party to let your hair down and with more themed parties than ever and also some really unusual options around, Christmas…

10 skills you need to be a successful Personal Assistant

18th August 2021,
What actually does a Personal Assistant do?  Is it true that behind every great leader there is a great personal assistant? A good personal assistant is always well organised and detailed oriented. From planning events, minute taking, scheduling people, organizing and managing meetings, she or he will bring order to chaos. So amongst many other things, personal assistants are super-efficient managers. They are completely in charge of fulfilling another person’s…

Are venues still Covid-secure?

16th August 2021,
Are venues still  covid-secure? That is a question that is on most peoples' minds if they have to attend an event. Since restrictions eased on the 19th July, some safety measures are no longer a legal requirement.  However, people are understandably nervous when it comes to attending events.  How can you be sure that you will be safe?  What can you do if it is essential that you attend a…

Interesting Event Venues for Hire

08th August 2021,
How can we find interesting event venues for hire? Now that we can confidently start to plan events again, the conundrum of which style of venue works best is again on our minds. Some venues lend themselves perfectly to certain types of events, for example if you are planning a party and want an onsite bar then you would start by looking at bars and pubs and maybe hotels.  Dedicated…

5 reasons why you should book your Christmas Party now

22nd July 2021,
If you are hoping to have a company Christmas Party or a private get together this Christmas 2021, then it is something that you need to turn your attention to very soon.  This year hopefully companies will have something to celebrate and use the Office Christmas Party as an opportunity to get everyone together again under one roof.  Zoom parties were the norm for last year, but you simply can’t…
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