Wine Tasting in London



Are you looking for something different to do in London? While we all have our favourite hangouts, sometimes it’s good to push the boat out and go somewhere new. For anything from pre-dinner drinks to a party that you’d like to last all evening, have you considered wine tasting?

We sent our expert wine taster out and about to see what she could find out and here are some interesting facts!

While it sounds expensive, you can get budget wine tasting courses in some really beautiful places. Many work on a voucher system – meaning you pay a lump sum at the beginning, get however many vouchers your money is worth, and then you can use them on whatever kind of wine takes your fancy. Often, the retail price of what you end up consuming is considerably more than what your vouchers were worth.

These establishments will usually offer a 15 min to half hour course on how to taste wine properly, as part of your package. Lea from the experts – and avoid that awkward and inevitable moment in a restaurant when you choose and taste your chosen bottle, in which all you can think of to say is; “Yes. Fine. Lovely.” Widen your vocabulary and test to impress!

This really is an activity that’s sure to get everyone smiling, and we don’t just mean because of the alcohol. It can be a great team-building event – and with true colours flying out and such a relaxed atmosphere, who’d have thought you could lea a little something too?

Wine tasting can work for any kind of party. There are independent and mobile companies who can come to you with their wine station – instantly adding class, interest and culture to any event. Always check with your venue beforehand as to whether they have the appropriate licensing, and be aware that they may ask for corkage. Even so, once all the arithmetic has been done, you might find that you can serve high quality wines at a cut of the retail price.


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