Cirque le Soir – a spectacular circus-themed venue in London, for private parties and corporate events


Cirque le Soir is a spectacular, unforgettable and totally unique venue for private parties and corporate events.  Here, you can transport your guests to another world – one that is brilliantly bizarre, wonderfully weird and fantastically freaky.  The minimum number of guests you can have is 200, but you can easily fit 500 with enough room for entertainers to move between the cabaret-style tables.  Minimum spend starts at just £100 a head, and you have a huge range of themed cocktails and food to pick and choose from, thus creating your own bespoke menus.

This party venue prides itself on delivering excellent service and only hires performers who are at the very top of their game.  Therefore, you’re guaranteed to be entertained by high-end professionals, served by experienced and stylish waiting staff and you’ll consume mouth-watering delicacies that tempt both the imagination and the taste buds, created by expert chefs.  In fact, if your event has a specific theme, you can even ask the bar staff to come up with some unique bespoke cocktails to reflect it, and they will work with you to come up with names for your drinks that personally reflect your party.

If you’re hiring the venue exclusively, your guests will have access to all of the featured entertainment stations within Cirque le Soir.  These include the 4 stages, where acts perform simultaneously, and also the Window Boxes, where you can interact with the performers and take part in various unusual activities.  These can include ‘The Haircut From Hell’, a Sweeney Todd-style barber shop where they will be ‘styled’ (don’t worry, they don’t actually cut your hair, but you may well end up sporting a rather fetching pink fluffy wig) by a demonic barber.  However, you can again work with the events team here to create your own scenes and performances, and they can be as innocent as Hula Hoop Dancing or as extreme as Drag Queen Karaoke – which is enormous fun but certainly not suited to the more conservative audience!

There’s also the Funfair area, which is totally individual in the UK.  You can have face-painting, comical fortune tellers, candy floss and arcade games, or is you’re feeling more risqué, you can even opt for naught peep show windows and Victorian-style freak shows.

Cirque le Soir only have 3 clubs in the entire world – one in Dubai, one in Shanghai and the other here in London.  As such, your guests are unlikely to experience this place twice, and it’s certain to be a night they’ll never forget.  The really clever thing about this venue is while it aims to shock, tease and push boundaries, you’ll also feel an immediate sense of welcome and are guaranteed to be grinning from start to finish.  It’s not scary, it’s just surreal.

 Product launches, fashion shows and PR networking events are regular occurrences here, but the venue lends itself equally well to lavish private celebrations and exclusive corporate entertaining events.

If you’d like to experience Cirque le Soir, you can book a table on any given night when the venue is open to the public (i.e. not in private use), to enjoy the atmosphere, scope out the space and sample the food and drink on offer.  If you’d like to lea more about booking the venue privately and also about the creative and affordable catering packages available, then fill out our quick and simple online form to get started with your booking.  We have been working with this prestigious club from their opening in 2009, and we can pull strings others can’t – guaranteeing you a seamless, successful and hugely enjoyable event, often for less than the market price!

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