How to Arrange a Surprise Party


The three obvious things to think about when arranging a surprise party are:

·      1) Keeping the guest of honour away from the venue while you prepare the party,

·      2) Having an accomplice (or several) to help cover up the secret,

·      3) Making sure your guests understand that they must keep it a secret.

Many a surprise party has been ruined by unforeseen circumstance.  Here are three things that are vital to getting that genuine, hilarious and perfectly timed photograph of their bewildered face as they enter the room, and making sure they truly had no idea what was coming.

Make sure your guests don’t park their cars anywhere near the venue.  It’s a dead giveaway, and easily avoided by making it a point on the invites.

If you’re asking for RSVP’s, be incredibly clear that they are to double check they are texting/emailing/phoning only the organiser to do this.  By far the most secretive and effective way to RSVP is by text!

Don’t hold it on their actual birthday, if you can help it.  This way, they get to make their own plans for celebrations which you can enjoy as well, and they won’t suspect that you’ve gone the extra mile to arrange another celebration.

Be careful about dress code – if you know your birthday boy/girl will be coming home from the gym, don’t put everyone in black tie so he/she feels the need to instantly run off and have a drastic clothes change.  Try to ask people to come dressed how the guest of honour will be dressed – casual if they’re arriving from an everyday activity, smart if they’re coming from work or another engagement.

Of course, however, you will need the perfect venue to suit your guest of honour’s tastes. For the laid back, relaxed feel, check out Willy’s Wine Bar in Central London.  For a fireside pub atmosphere, have a look at LVPO – or for all out mayhem, enquire with Function Fixers about The Hoxton Pony

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