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5 Christmas planning thoughts you should be having NOW

02nd May 2021,
It may be 25 degrees outside at the time of writing, but time waits for no man. Whether you like it or not, your next Christmas Party is approaching faster than you can say ‘red nosed reindeer’. If you’re thinking about organising some fabulous festive feasting and entertainment for your team, department or the entire office, now is a good time to get the bauble rolling. Let’s start with 5…

What does it take to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

01st May 2021,
A Virtual Assistant (VA),  is an independent professional who provides administrative, creative, and technical support to business owners, entrepreneurs and other busy professionals.   A  VA is basically a person, who by means of a computer works virtually and not present in physical terms.  Today, more than ever, VAs are an invaluable resource to companies which have had to scale back on permanent staff because of the Covid pandemic. A VA…

Top 10 quirky meeting rooms in Zone 1

01st May 2021,
When you picture a meeting, what springs to mind? Sitting around a boardroom table in a stuffy room with off-white walls, windows that you're lucky enough if you manage to crack open a smidge? Or perhaps you're all sitting on chairs in a circle. The dreaded circle. How about ditching the usual work-place style meeting room in some grey concrete building, or one of those motorway hotels, in favour of…

How to Set Boundaries at Work

09th April 2021,
How often do you find yourself drowning in a heap of work? On some days, work can seem like an endless to-do list. Considering that we spend a lot of time at work, this feeling can be both mentally and physically draining and have an adverse effect on our whole life.     In current times, when technology has taken over our lives and being constantly available is the new…

The Future of Food at Events in a Post-Covid world

06th April 2021,
As we emerge out of the lockdown and into a new world for events, it seems to us that there are three kinds of people looking at venue bookings. The first is ‘super-confident’; they fully expect things to blow over, and that a return to normal is imminent. They bring with them a refreshing optimism, they are looking at scheduling events right now, and need our advice on where to…

What to do this Christmas holiday?

18th March 2021,
Most of us at some time or another will have been to see one of the fabulous ice rinks dotted around the capital, maybe the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and everyone must have been to see a Father Christmas or two….  but what next? Vauxhall Winter Village  is a pop-up ski village in South London.  Imagine you are on a mountain holiday, feasting on fondue and drinking festive cocktails. …
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