Top 5 Corporate Party Venues in London

Are you searching for the perfect London venue for your next corporate party?  Maybe you are looking for a fabulous rooftop venue with brilliant views?  Or maybe as you are in London you would like to host your party by the River Thames? Take a look at the top 5 party venues for corporate events in London in 2024. Sabine…

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park regis birmingham

Different Venue Styles for Different Events

Event venues come in all shapes and sizes, in towns and cities and in the countryside, but which venue style is best for you? The choice of venue style often…

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ai personalised event marketing

Benefits of using AI to Personalise Event Marketing

Personalisation in event marketing is essential for creating meaningful connections with attendees. By tailoring promotional efforts to individual preferences, interests, and behaviors, organisers can deliver a more engaging and relevant…

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Creating Sustainable Events in 2024

Creating a sustainable event involves thoughtful planning and implementation across various aspects. Integrating sustainable practices can lead to a decrease in costs by 20–30% and a substantial reduction in waste…

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Supporting Social Enterprise Initiatives this Christmas

The Christmas season has always been a time of giving and spreading joy to family and friends.  Another meaningful way that we can all spread happiness is by supporting social…

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How to Use AI to Help With Event Planning

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in event planning offers a myriad of benefits that can revolutionise the entire process. AI’s predictive analytics capabilities enable organisers to anticipate attendee behavior, streamline logistics,…

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churchill war rooms

Churchill War Rooms – a Unique Event Venue for Hire

The Churchill War Rooms in London serve as a unique and historically significant event venue. Located beneath the bustling streets of Westminster, the War Rooms are part of the Churchill…

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The Importance of Promoting Inclusivity at Events

Inclusivity at events is crucial for creating a welcoming and respectful environment where all attendees feel valued and able to fully participate. It is a multi-faceted concept that requires a…

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Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

We all have a unique vision of how we want our wedding day to look and feel. While there are some things that seem to top most lists – a…

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K Room at Fairy Hill

Top 10 Hidden Gems – Unique Venues for Hire in the UK

In a land rich with history and diversity, the United Kingdom boasts more than its fair share of extraordinary venues, each with a story to tell. Join us on a…

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mk-7 venue hire

Red Bull Racing : MK-7 Conferences, Events, Meetings and Experiences

Red Bull Technology Group’s venue, MK-7, is at the heart of the Red Bull Racing machine, in the Milton Keynes headquarters. This is where the path to success is shaped;…

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73 waterloo

73 Waterloo at St. John’s: A Sustainable Haven and Award-Winning Venue

Nestled in the heart of London, 73 Waterloo at St. John’s stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance and sustainability. Notably, the venue recently clinched the prestigious President’s Award for…

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Where to go for a good night out in Brighton

Brighton’s dynamic, inclusive, and lively atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for a memorable night out. Whether you’re seeking relaxation by the sea or a night filled with entertainment, Brighton…

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mtc conference centre

Benefits of Choosing an Academic Venue for Hosting an Event

Across the UK, most universities and colleges have very well-equipped and versatile facilities, including lecture halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, and outdoor spaces. Choosing an academic venue, such as a university…

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Why Choose Sheffield as a Location for Events?

Sheffield may not be the number 1 city that springs into mind when you are considering locations for an event, but did you know that one third of this city…

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Guinness World Records Day

It’s Guinness World Records Day this coming Thursday, Nov 16th – do you fancy trying for a world record?  Read here about some of the extraordinary challenges that took place…

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Unique Venues for Hire in Newcastle

Event venues in Newcastle, like those elsewhere, encounter the ongoing challenge of staying relevant in the face of changing trends. This involves not only keeping up with technological advancements in…

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5 top tips for choosing the best venue finding agency

Organising a corporate event or private celebration can be a time consuming business. The sheer hard work that goes into choosing and arranging the perfect venue, making sure that every…

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Commercial Kitchens for Hire in London

In the vibrant culinary scene of London, numerous commercial kitchens offer hire services tailored for cooking demonstrations, workshops, and culinary events. These spaces cater to a wide range of professionals,…

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Pop Brixton: Where Unforgettable Events Come to Life

Are you in search of the perfect venue to host your next event? Look no further than Pop Brixton, where exceptional experiences and unforgettable memories come to life. Nestled in…

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iconic manchester venue

10 of The Best Unique Event Venues in Manchester

Manchester offers a diverse range of unique event venues that cater to various preferences and occasions. From meetings and conferences, banquets and award ceremonies, exhibitions and product launches to parties…

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Things to Consider when Defining Budgets for Events

Defining a budget for events is a crucial aspect of event planning. A budget serves as a financial roadmap, providing clear guidelines for spending and ensuring that the event stays…

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Dockside vaults

Dockside Vaults: An Authentic Christmas Experience

As the Christmas season approaches, London’s event venues are gearing up to offer the quintessential “immersive” Christmas experiences. However, at Dockside Vaults, we’re breaking away from the trend, opting for…

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Best UK Sports Stadiums for Conferences, Events and Exhibitions

Many sports stadiums in the United Kingdom offer excellent facilities for conferences and exhibitions, in addition to their primary use for sporting events. These venues often have spacious meeting rooms,…

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Eight of the Most Sustainable Event Venues in Birmingham

Birmingham has set ambitious environmental objectives, surpassing many of Europe’s targets. The city council has committed to achieving a remarkable 60% reduction in carbon emissions within the city by the…

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