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Entertainment can make or break a wedding, and it can be jolly hard work finding something to please all tastes. Here are some tips on how you can save a small fortune, and keep everyone happy.

·      Are you going to have a DJ, or a band? A worthwhile thing to do is to ask at music universities. Reception will usually let you display a sign/advert outlining your needs, with contact details and an email address so that potential artists can send you a demo. You can bag really talented musicians who are looking to start their careers. They are often a lot more enthusiastic, and you’ll be able to negotiate a bargain price.

·      While you’re having your wedding photos taken, your guests will expect to be kept amused. Obviously, keeping the drinks flowing is a must, but have you considered hiring an entertainer? Ask around – you’d be surprised how many people will know performers personally. They might even be able to help you get a better price!

·      Don’t be afraid to ask in local pubs etc. to see if they’ve ever had an artist/band who’s really impressed them.  Remember, they are a business, and won’t put up with musicians who aren’t efficient. If you’ve already found an artist, try and find out where they have played gigs in the past. Don’t be afraid to call the venue for ‘a reference’ as to how they operated – thus discovering positives and negatives from an indifferent source. 

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